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Copies of 17th Century Devonshire Boone Records Available


Copies of the below-described documents may be purchased by Society members for $10.00, and $20.00 for non-members (Join for $20 per year and receive “Compass,” our quarterly newsletter). This set includes 16 very old documents of baptisms, marriages, and burials.

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Here is what we know (and can prove with copies of original documents) about George Boone III:

Baptized in the Devon Parish of Stoke-Canon March 19, 1666, the son of George Boone.

Married Mary Maugridge in Bradninch, Devon, on August 16, 1689. (Note: Bradninch is only about 5 miles from Stoke Canon.)

Children – 6 of their 10 children (Geo. IV, Sarah, Mary 1st [died in infancy], Squire, Mary 2nd, and John) were baptized in the Parish of St. Disen at Brandninch. It is believed that the last four children (Joseph, Benjamin, James & Samuel) were born in England after the family joined the Quakers, but before 1717 when the family came to America. Church Baptism records for these four do not exist in the Devon Record Office.

Wife Mary Maugridge was baptized in Bradninch Dec. 23, 1668, the daughter of John.

Parents Sarah (Uppey/Opey) and George Boone II were buried at the Parish of Stoke Canon – he on May 31, 1696, and she on February 5, 1708.

(Note: So far we have not found the marriage nor baptism records for either George II or wife Sarah. It is possible those records do not exist, according to the Devon researcher.)