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Boone Society

Boone’s Society’s 2015 Trip to England and France

Fifteen members of The Boone Society made an eventful return trip to England to visit the Boones’ homeland.  We loaded our tour guided motor coach for a tour of London, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Winchester Cathedral, Churchill’s War Museum.  Afterwards, we had a wonderful afternoon tea followed by a fantastic tour of Buckingham Palace and grounds, since the Queen was in Scotland.

Leaving London, the group traveled via guided tour bus to ancient Stonehenge and the historic Roman of Baths.  Sunday morning, we visited Stoke Canon Church for a special prepared program for us.  Afterward we were treated to an elegant lawn party luncheon at the retired vicarage next door.  Our next stop was St. Disen’s Church where it’s said some Boone’s are buried.  Later that day, the tour bus took us to the South Hampton Ferry for a channel crossing to Caen, where another tour bus and guide met us, taking us to Bayeau for the night in a wonderful historic hotel.  The next day we walked the cobblestone streets of Bayeau, France and visited the Cathedrale Notre Dame de Bayeaux and the beautiful Musee de Tapisserie.

We also visited Normandy, the Utah and Omaha Beach Landings and the U.S. Cemetery.  From there we traveled to Paris for several days of fantastic food and sights, toured the Louve and the Mona Lisa painting, Cathedrale Notre Dame de Paris.  Our last night in Paris was dinner at the top of the lighted Eiffel Tower and viewed the spectacular night-lights of Paris.

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