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Boone Society DVD Sales

dvdsales-1 DVD 1: The Daniel Boone Papers DVD Daniel Boone is remembered as a frontier hunter and explorer, rather than for his writing and quotation. The stories of his life usually result in fables. To really know Boone, the best way is to read what he wrote and what he said. This DVD is a collection of contemporary letters and documents by or about Daniel Boone, organized into specific categories. Within the categories, the entries are in chronological order to facilitate future study of Boone activities. This DVD contains 278 pages of material. $18.50 (includes shipping)
dvdsales-2 DVD 2: The Boone Society England Trip In 2007 Visit where George Boone II and Sarah Uppey worshiped and George Boone III was baptized. Visit where George Boone III and Mary Maugridge were married and Squire Boone was baptized. $12.50 (includes shipping)
dvdsales-3 DVD 3: The Boone Society Pennsylvania Reunion In 2006 A delightful recap of places visited $10.00 (includes shipping)
dvdsales-4 DVD 4: The Boone Society Kentucky Reunion In 2008 Fabulous memories if you were there – or vision if you missed this great event. $12.50 (includes shipping)

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