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Boone Society

Compass – Past & Present

The inaugural issue of Compass, the newsletter/magazine of The Boone Society, Inc. was published June 1997. In 1997 only 2 issues (June and October) were published. There were 3 issues in 1998 (January, April & October). Then, beginning in 1999 and since that time, Compass has been published quarterly (usually January, April, July & October).

PDF versions of past issues are available for purchase.

July 2023

July 2023 Compass
Articles from the past
By: Susan Henderson
2024 Boone Reunion
A Brief History of Joppa Cemetery
By: Robert Alvin Crum

The Eviza Coshow Letters
By: Britta Seisums Davis
Old Talbott Tavern in Bardstown, Kentucky
By: Gary Kempf

April 2023

April 2023 Compass
A question to our members
By: John E. Brown
Riverside Park in Louisville
By: David Baker

The Life and Death of Squire Boone
By: Kelley D. Culley
A Buried Sketch of Simon Kenton
By: Brian B. Shemwell
Stirring the Pot: Where is Daniel Boone?
By: Brian B. Shemwell

April 2022

April 2022 Compass
Daniel Boone’s First Survey
By: Harry G. Enoch
Epilogue to Boonesborough Attack
By: Charles E. Hayes
National Conference and Reunion Winston Salem, NC
Surrounding Boonesborough
By: Ronald R. Van Stockum Jr.


January 2022

January 2022 Compass
Daniel Boone at Pilot Knob
By: Harry G. Enoch
Bouquet and Washington, Not Forbes But the Other Grant
By: Ranald R. Van Stockum Jr.
George Washington’s Religion Part V
By: Ronald R. van Stockum Jr.
Sarah Boone and the Monarch Butterfly’s Winter Habitat
By: Tom Murphy

October 2021

October 2021 Compass
Indian Tracks
By: Mark Steven Sage
George Washington at 22
By: Ronald R. van Stockum Jr.
Are the Boones Descendants of John Milton, the 17th Century Poet, or Aren’t They?
By: Vicki A. Boyer
Rev Thomas Boone, Member of Prominent Clark Co., KY Boone Family

By: Helen McKinney

July 2021

July 2021 Compass
Water Power in Kentucky and Elsewhere, Pt. 1
By: Gary Kempf, Richard Briggs & C.L. Dawson
George Washington Before the War
By: Ronald R. van Stockum Jr.
George Washington at Twenty-One
By: Ronald R. van Stockum Jr.
Squire Boone, an Original Shelby Countian, Pt. 2&3
By: Brig. Gen. Ronald R. Van Stockum

April 2021

April 2021 Compass
Squire Boone: An Original Shelby Countian Part I
By: Brigadier General Ronald R. van Stockum
George Washington Getting Ready to Go!
By: Ronald R. van Stockum Jr.
Discovering a “Not Famous” Daniel Boone and an Emancipated Slave
By: Janet W. de la Peña

January 2021

January 2021 Compass
Bryan/Boone Connection to the Republic of Texas
By: John Swindells
Campfire on the Frontier
By: Mary Bohlen

October 2020

October 2020 Compass
200th Anniversary of Daniel Boone’s Death
Submitted by: Sam Compton, President
By: Mark Steven Sage
The Fort Gower Reserves and Update on the Coming American Revolution
By: Kent Masterson Brown

July 2020

July 2020 Compass
Boone Society 2021 Conference and Reunion
By: Sam Compton, President
Farewell to Kentucky: Boone’s Last Home in the Bluegrass State
By: Helen E. McKinney
John Pleakenstalver: Pioneer of Early Kentucky
By: W.L. McCoy

April 2020

April 2020 Compass
Update – Boone Society 2020 Conference and Reunion
By: Sam Compton, President
IN AND OUT OF TIME-Part IV and Final
By: Mark Steven Sage
The Fort Gower Reserves and Update on the Coming American Revolution
By: Kent Masterson Brown

January 2020

January 2020 Compass
Boone Society’s National Conference and Reunion,
Winston-Salem, NC June 17th – 20th 2020
Visit by the Descendants of the Powell’s at Allen Dale
By: Brig. Gen. Ronald R. Van Stockum
Limestone Kentucky’s Northern Gateway Part III
By: Mark Steven Sage

October 2019

October 2019 Compass
Boone Society National Conference and Reunion, June 17th – July 20th, 2020
Winston-Salem, NC
Own A Piece of American Art and Support the Boone Society
Art Partings by David Wright
In and Out of Time – Part ll
By: Mark Steven Sage

July 2019

July 2019 Compass
Boone Society Scotland Tour
By: Sam Compton
In and Out of Times
Part 1-Some thoughts about Living History
By: Mark Sage
Out of the Mist of Times Past
By: Lt. Col. Teddy H. Sanford, Jr. (Ret)

April 2019

April 2019 Compass
Field Investigations at Daniel Boone’s Frontier Station-Fayette Co., KY
By: Nancy O’Malley
What’s Known About John and Sarah Wilcoxon
By: Susan Terrell
Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Interpretive Center
By: Randell Jones

January 2019

January 2019 Compass
Lavina – Life as Daniel Boone’s Daughter
by: Robert Alvin Crum
The 2019 Boone Society Trip to Scotland in May 2019
by: Sam and Carolyn Compton
Champion of a Lost Cause – Part II
by: Mark Sage

October 2018

October 2018 Compass
2018 National Conference and Reunion
by: Denise Tanner
Daniel Boone’s Last Standing Cabin in KY
by: Tracy Pratt-Savage
Champion of a Lost Cause
by: Mark Sage
Bettie Allen Meriwether Sues Her Brother
by: Brig. Gen. R.R. Van Stockum


July 2018

Compass July 2018
by: Mark Sage
Backcountry Settlers-Scottish Immigration and Influence
by: Doug Cantrell
No Stranger to Difficulty: End of the Road
by: Neal O. Hammon
Getting in the Spirit for “1769”
by: Randell Jones

April 2018

April 2018 Compass
Traveling the Corridor of History–Part 3
by: Mark Sage
Remembering Squire Boone as More Than Daniel Boone’s Little Brother
by: Judge Mike W. Harrod
Susanne Henning and the Marquis de Charette-Part 2
by: Brig, Gen. Ronald R. Van Stockum
Attakullakulla – Cherokee Peace Chief
by: Robert Alvin Crum

January 2018

January Compass 2018
Own a Piece of American Historical Art and Support the Boone Society
Traveling a Corridor of History – America’s Frontier Historical Expedition – Part 2
By: Mark Sage
The Status of Some of the Boone Projects and Historical Site in Missouri
By: Ken Kamper
Boone Society 2018 National Conference and Reunion in Lexington, KY
June 20-June 24, 2018

October 2017

October 2017 Compass
National Conference Reunion
By: Sam Compton
Portals in Time
By: Mark Sage
-Final Revised Lawsuit
By: Neal O. Hammon

July 2017

July 2017 Compass
Factual History of Daniel Boone
By: Ken Kamper
One Last Trip on the Wilderness Trail
By: Glen Conner
Rifle Makers of Eighteenth Century Kentucky
By: Thomas A. Strofield

April 2017

April 2017 Compass
Establishment of Shelby and Shelby County, KY
By: Gen. Ronald R. Van Stockum
Daniel Boone Memorial Park Proposal
By: Sam Compton
Oregon Boone Family History Dates Back 170 Years
By: Natalie Carolson/The Charbonneau Villager
Why America Has Overlooked the Importance of Boone History
By: Ken Kamper


January 2017
Boones’ in the Major Leagues
By: Jan Larson
The Long Run Massacre & Floyds Defeat
By: Gen. Ronald Van Stockum
Some Thoughts about Daniel Boones’ Brothers, George and Squire Boone
By: Ken Kamper

October 2016

October 2016 Compass
Tribute to Karen Kastning
By: Sam Compton
Boone Reunion w. Photos St Charles
By: Eldon Evans
Squire Boone (1744-1815)
By: Ronald Van Stockum

July 2016

July 2016 Compass
American Frontier History Expedition
By: S. Compton & M. Sage
Early Settlers in KY
By: Gen (Ret) R. Van Stockum
Collector’s Corner Part 5
By: E. Kastning

April 2016

April 2016 Compass
Boone Reunion June 15-19th, 2016
By: Eldon Evans
Daniel Boone’s Cabin-Fleming Co, KY
By: Neal Hammon
One Man, Two Worlds – Simon Girty
By: Mark Sage

January 2016

January Compass 2016
America’s Frontier History Expedition
By: Sam Compton
Life & Times of Simon Girty
By: Mark Sage
Boone Society’s Return Trip to Old Home Place of George Boone Family in Eng.
By: Sam Compton and Karen Kastning

October 2015

October 2015 Compass
Gathering of Descendants @ Ft Boonesborough State Park
By: Eldon Evans
Boone Society 2016 Reunion Information
St. Charles, MO
Collector’s Corner – Part 2
By: Ernst Kastning

July 2015

July 2015 Compass
Daniel Boone’s Long-rifle Giveaway
And the winner is:
Jason Gatliff of Gallatin, TN
The Boone Society’s 2015 Trip to Europe
By: Carolyn and Sam Compton
Online Tour of Daniel Boone’s Trail

April 2015

April 2015 Compass
The River of No Return by: Mark Sage
Bryan’s Station Revisited – March 1780 by: Kathryn Weiss

January 2015

January Compass 2015
A Tribute to Jane and Al Dodson by: Gene Ray
Kentucky National Guard Memorial by: Sam Compton
Fire on the Mountain by: Mark Sage

October 2014

October 2014 Compass

Kentucky 2014 Boone Society Reunion by: Donna Evans
Boone Trace Dedication Ceremony by: Randell Jones
Boone Trace Corridor Update by: Sam Compton

July 2014

July 2014 Compass
The Boone Trace Project by: Sam Compton
Steven Caudill is Daniel Boone by: Sam Compton
Daniel Boone Long Rifle Hunting Set Giveaway by: Sam Compton
Squire Boone & Nicholas Meriwether Book Review by: Carolyn Compton

April 2014

April 2014 Compass
Revisiting a Very Important Historic Site by: Ken Kamper
Dr. David C. McMurtry, 1920 – 2014 by: Kathryn Weiss
A Trail of Honor by: Randell Jones
A Resolution Honoring The Boone Society by: The House of Representatives of the State of Kentucky

January 2014

January Compass 2014
My Boone Connection by: David L. Grinnell
Daniel and Rebecca Boone’s Burial Site in Missouri
By: Ken Kamper and Eldon Evans
The 2014 Boone Society Reunion – Pine Mountain Resort – Kentucky
By: Sam Compton

October 2013

October 2013 Compass
Boone Society National 2014 Reunion – Pine Mountain, KY
By: Sam Compton
Daniel Boone Painting – Crossing the Shallow Ford – Article/Photos
By: David R. (Randy) Bryan
New Bust of Daniel Boone, Article and Photos
By: Randell Jones
The Sarah Boone – Wilcox House in Ashe County, NC
By: Janet Willcoxon de la Pena

July 2013

July 2013 Compass
Mary Boone Bryan Marker Dedicated in Grant’s Lick, KY
Text and photos by: Jan A. Larson
Part 2: The Crucible of Pain
Text and photos by Mark Sage (unless otherwise noted)
Daniel Boone and the Corps of Discovery: A Curious Enigma
By: Ernest H. Kastning

April 2013

April 2013 Compass
Part 1: Following Historic Boone’s Trace from Cumberland Gap to Fort Boonesborough. Text and photos by: Sandra W. Plant
Part 2: Madison County: Familiar Ground to Daniel Boone
Part 3: Site of Twitty’s Fort Should be Preserved

January 2013

January Compass 2013
Mary Boone Bryan Historical Marker Dedication, by: Kathryn Weiss
Daniel Boone Bicentennial Commemorative Half Dollar, by: E. H. Kastning

October 2012

October 2012 Compass
Boone Trace Project Update, by: Sam Compton
The McNitt Massacre, by: Charles E. Hayes
Historical Postcards Related to Daniel Boone, by: E.H. Kastning

July 2012

July 2012 Compass
Nashville 2012 Reunion, including photos, By: Sam Compton
Repair of the Morgan Log House Shed, by descendant
Andrew Krumins, Eagle Scout
Boone Society Election Results

April 2012

April 2012 Compass
Three-part series of Historic Boone’s Trace From Cumberland Gap to
Fort Boonesborough With Guide Scott New

January 2012

Mary Boone Bryan (1736 – 1819) Historical Marker Project, by: Kathryn Weiss
Photographs of Various Boone Markers
Boone – Hays Cemetery Article, by: Ken Kamper

October 2011

Waveland State Historic Site, by: Malinda Lewyn
Boone Family Materials in the Seattle Public Library, Submitted by: Arthur Hopkins
Update on the Boone Trace Project, by: Sam Compton

July 2011

Boone Trace Project, by: Sam Compton, Pres.
Squire Boone – The Life of a Remarkable Man, Part Two by: Mike Rumping
Information and Highlights of the coming 2012 Boone Reunion in Nashville, TN.

April 2011

Squire Boone: “The Life and Legend of a Remarkable Man” Part One by: Mike Rumping
Jeremiah Boone, Revolutionary War Marker Dedication by: Ivan Lancaster
Boone Society visits Cumberland Gap and Martin’s Station by: Karen M. Kastning

January 2011

Boone Trail Marker Dedication in Marthasville, Missouri by: Margy Ball Miles
Cumberland Gap Genealogy Jamboree by: Sam Compton
Artist H. David Wright, presents his painting “Crossroads to Destiny” to the City of San Antonio, Texas by: Dell Boone Ariola

October 2010

Photo’s of old Boone family homesteads in Pennsylvania
Dedication of the Mary Boone Bryan Bible stand at
State Historic Site Waveland in Lexington, KY

July 2010

Introduction letter for our new President Sam Compton.
Introduction letter for our new Compass Editor Karen Kastning.
Photos from our June 2010 Kansas City Reunion.
Friends of Daniel Boone’s Burial Site in Missouri-Boone Position Paper
Regarding the Bryan Family Cemetery where Daniel was buried in 1820.

April 2010

Biographical info on 2010 Board Candidates
The Next Generation to Genetic – Genealogy
Mary Boone Bryan Kentucky Marker Project
Mary Boone Bryan Bible Project
Kansas City, Missouri, 2010 Reunion
Burial Site of brothers Samuel and Moses Grant

January 2010

Daniel Boone’s 275th Birthday Celebration at the Boone Homestead in PA
Daniel Boone Homestead in PA-Temporary Closure?
Marthasville, MO-Daniel Boone’s 275th Birthday
DAR Marker for Elizabeth Boone and Jesse Copher
Gene Ray, Founding Father Treasure Article
Some Boone’s in Military History

October 2009

Boone Marker in Missouri Rededicated
Report on New Genealogy Book
History Committee Report
Let the Birthday Parties Begin
Neal Hammon Receives Award
Electronic Field Trip
Mark Jan 14, 2010
Kansas City Reunion
Ancestral Data Base
Treasures-Kathryn Weiss
Yadin River Part II
Research Group Forms for Thomas Boone Isle of Wight
Trip Memories from England

July 2009

Israel Boone Memorial Dedication
Mary Boone Bryan Historical Marker
And, in Kentucky the Neighbors Came to Watch
Forgotten Friend, William Bryan, Part 2 – by Kathryn Weiss
Treasures, Dell Boone Ariola
The Yadkin River, Part 1
Kansas City Reunion 2010
Ancestral Data Base
History Committee Report

April 2009

Historical Research Fund Created
Forgotten Friend-William Bryan, Part 1, by Kathryn Weiss
Some Boone Related Places in Pennsylvania
Josiah Boone-Son of George IV and Deborah Howell Boone
Treasures-Rochelle Cochran
1792 Daniel Boone Virginia Land Entry
David McMurtry Honored

January 2009

SW VA Walk of Fame
Cumberland Gap Night Walk
Bryan Station Part 2 by Kathryn Weiss
Treasures – Ken Kamper
Why not dig up Daniel Boone’s remain for DNA testing?

October 2008

Daniel and Rebecca Boone Memorial Plaque stolen
Israel Boone Memorial Update
Bryan’s Station, KY 1775-1780; Part 1, by Katherine Weiss
Swedish Boons on the Delaware
Daniel Boone III and Mary Constance Philbert Boone
Jesse Boone Cemetery
Meet Dorthy Mack
Book Review – Daniel Boone and the Making of American, Meredith Mason Brown
Summary View of Jemima Boone Birth Story
Swedish Boones Research: Benjamin and Susanna Boone
Pioneer Indiana Railroad Families

July 2008

Meet your officers and directors
Keepsake photos of the Boone Family Reunion
Squire Boone’s Chair c. 1720
Grant Family Graveyard
State of Society Address
Cumberland Gap
Stories and Queries:
Susannah Morgan, George Beverly Boone,
George Law and Chloe , Donnally Boone Curry

April 2008

It’s Boone Reunion Time in Kentucky Ellis Island, A “Wall of Honor”
Joshua Boone, son of Geo. IV
Marian C. Boone 1816
Mary Boon Couch
James Bryan buried at Logan Co, KY
Sarah Ann Boone, b. 12/25/1850 in CA
Hannah, youngest sister of Daniel Boone
A Daniel Boone, b. 1775, d. 1851 in Iowa?
Nancy M. Boone, b. 1831 KY

January 2008

Society to return to our Old Kentucky Boone Home!
Schedule of events for 2008 Boone family reunion in Lexington, KY
1971 historical marker for JONATHAN BOONE
Queries for Anna Boone Coffee; Josiah-Isaiah-Isaac or Ezra Boone;
The Wild Beast Tamer, Col. Edgar Daniel Boone & Miss Carlotta;
The Wilcoxson Cabin;
Descendants of Sarah Boone Hunter, daughter of Edward and Martha Bryan Boone;
Descendants of Sasana Boone & William Hays;

October 2007

Boone Society is represented at two Kentucky 225-year memorials: The Battles at Blue Licks and Bryan Station.
John W. “Blind” Boone;
James D. Boon of Frederick Co, MD, born in Pennsylvania about 1799;
Samuel Boone, his daughter Mary “Polly” Boone who married Leonard Keeling Bradley;
Timothy Logan and 1st wife, Sarah;
Omer Boone, age 33 in 1880;
Guilford Co, NC, Boones;
Still searching for Ratliff H. Boone’s father;
Isaac Waggoner married Sarah Boone;
Elizabeth Bohn (Boone)

July 2007

Index to Spraker’s last papers posted to Boone Society’s website
Church of Stoke Canon is highlight of England trip
Connecting Cousins, a new benefit to membership
Persis Boone & George Henton
Lucy Boone Tribble
Boones & Hazelriggs

April 2007

Did Squire and Sarah Boone have 11 or 12 children? (A son named Nathaniel?)
Squire Boone Sr. (Part 3)
Benjamin H. Boone (1829-1913) great grandson of Edw. Boone

January 2007

A great opportunity to set the record straight at Boone Station!Squire Boone Sr. (Part 2)
Joseph Boone Sr. & Jr. (new family information)
10-Year Compass index available

October 2006

Oh, the stories trees could tell! (Daniel Boone tree carvings?)
First 5 Generations of George Boone family now on website
John W. “Blind” Boone, Father of Modern Popular Music
Squire Boone Sr., b. 1696 England, d. 1765 AMERICA

July 2006

Meet your board of directors
Photos of the Boone reunion near Reading, PA
A southern Boon family, descendants of Nicholas Boon
Grandma Martha’s black mare saved Daniel Boone’s life

April 2006

Our Boone American Homestead: Pennsylvania, Site of the Boone family reunion
Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail Association
250th wedding anniversary of Rebecca and Daniel Boone
Jacob Boone & Mary DeHart, Mayesville, Kentucky

January 2006

Will you be in the Boone family portrait in Pennsylvania?
Memorandum of certificates of which Daniel Boone was robbed
Two swivel guns for the defense of the Bryans and Boones at their Kentucky Stations

October 2005

An honor restored: KY Governor names U. S. 25E, the Daniel Boone-Cumberland Gap Wilderness Trail
The Church at Stoke Canon (where George Boone III was born) needs our help (near Exeter, England)
Albert Gallatin Boone, grandson of Daniel, was described by Kit Carson as “a man who isn’t afraid of anything.”
Un-named wife of Israel Boone, brother of Daniel

July 2005

Boone Society’s Biggest Project Yet, “Daniel Boone and the Defeat at Blue Licks”
Society receives 1855 Boone wedding quilt (from Sidney R. & Gracie Shannon of Corvalis, OR – descendants of both the Lincoln and Boone families)
Long Run Massacre, Shelbyville, KY
Original burial stones of Rebecca and Daniel Boone (located at Stephens Museum, Central Methodist University, Fayetteville, MO)

April 2005

Boone Society to publish Neal Hammon’s “Daniel Boone and the defeat at Blue Licks”
Did Daniel Boone own slaves?
Graveyard in danger.
Jeremiah & Joice (Neville) Boone.
After Israel’s death, who reared his daughters? (a story about Israel Boone, brother of Daniel)
Daniel Boone’s land problems

January 2005

“The Hope Chest” by Kathryn Weiss, a story of the Boone family’s decision to move from Pennsylvania
Exeter Friends Meeting 1737-1787
Glimpses of life in a frontier Friends Meeting
Graves of Elizabeth Boone Grant and George Boone, son of Squire
Rockbridge Baptist Church Graveyard (reburial place of Edward Boone)

October 2004

The Church at Stoke Canon, England
(birthplace of George Boone III & burial place of his parents)
Edward Boone Memorial Committee to preserve & mark Rockbridge Baptist Church Graveyard, Bourbon Co., KY
Need Boone Art? Think Boone Society
Is it Bryan or Bryant – as in Bryan Station
Draper letters of Evisa Coshow, granddaughter of Jemima Boone
Saving Private Boone, a story about Joseph Boone, son of Edward Boone

July 2004

Souvenir Issue of St. Louis Reunion
Boone Society Co-Sponsors 107th Boone Day Celebration
Sheltowee’s Gauntlet, 1778 capture of Daniel Boone by Shawnee

April 2004

Politics & the Daniel Boone Wilderness Trail
Reunion T-Shirts, Cartoon relating to George Caleb Bingham’s 1851 painting of Daniel Boone bringing settlers through the Cumberland Gap
The Second Marriage of Mary Boone Bryan

January 2004

Boone Family Homecoming, Defiance MO, June 9-13, 2004
Ben Franklin’s Mortgage on Daniel Boone Farm in PA
Boone Signatures (beginning of collection)

October 2003

Daniel Boone Parkway is Renamed in Kentucky
Was Georgetown Named for George Boone?
1791 Cane Ridge Meetinghouse, Bourbon Co., KY
They moved the remains of Daniel & Rebecca Boone!

July 2003

“Meet Me in St. Louie” Reunion
Tombstones of Sina & John Scholl (grandson of Edward Boone)
Discovered in MO
Daniel Boone was a Man, a Big Man … But he Never wore a coonskin cap

April 2003

Hannah Boone Marker Dedication Set, Old Mulkey Meetinghouse
Boone Hall Plantation, South Carolina
The German Bohne-Bohn-Boon-Boone- Family of Maryland
John W. Boone in Civil War

January 2003

Genealogy Research Fund Established
Draper Letters from Jeremiah F. Wilcoxen
Squire Boone (brother of Daniel) Considered Shelby County’s First Citizen
The First Massacre on Powell’s River (1773)

October 2002

Say “Hello” to your New Officers & Board of Directors
Lindenwood Univ. Makes Boone Acquisition (Price-Loyles Collection)
>Dry Valley (TN) Cemetery, Burial Place of William & Sarah Boone Hunter
USS Boone (Admiral Joel Thompson Boone)

August 2002

Picture souvenir issue of Oregon Reunion

July 2002

Mary Boone Bryan (1736-1819), a family story
Bullskin Road, aka Shawnee Indian Road (from British Ft. Detroit to Bullskin Landing on the Ohio River through Old Chilcothe)
Last Will & Testament of Samuel L. Boone (1906, Hampshire Co., WV)

April 2002

March 1780, Bryan Station, The Death of William Bryan Jr. (1760-1780)
St. Disen’s Church, Bradninch, England, birthplace of Squire Boone Christmas Day 1696

January 2002

Oregon or Bust Reunion Registration
Daniel Morgan Boone (5th and final of series)
George Luther Boone (1826-1900) & Alphonso Boone Jr. 1837-1915)
Thurman Boone, a profile

October 2001

Chloe Donnelly Boone, a Diary
Joel Thompson Boone, physician to 3 U. S. Presidents
Hawkins Boone & Fort Freeland
Daniel Morgan Boone (4th of series)

July 2001

Westward Ho the Wagons … It’s Oregon or Bust!
Edw Boone Historical Highway Marker Dedication
Daniel Morgan Boone (3rd of Series)
Key Boone Historic Sites in Missouri
Reflections on the Battle at Blue Licks

April 2001

Map to & Dedication Planned for Death/Burial Site of Edw Boone in Bourbon County
Burial of Martha Strode Bryan (wife of Morgan Bryan) in NC 1762
Daniel Morgan Boone (2nd of Series)
Hannah Boone Memorial Monument Planned at Tompkinsville, KY

January 2001

Rebecca Bryan Boone Look Alike?
Research Paper on Daniel Morgan Boone 1769-1839, (First of a Series)
Morgan Bryan Settles at Forks of Yadkin
Morgan Bryan’s Sons Build Bryan Station in KY in 1779

October 2000

Within the Shadows of the Cumberland Gap
Birth date of Martha Bryan, Wife of Edward Boone
Daniel Boone in Texas?

August 2000

Joppa Cemetery, Mocksville, NC
Boone Family in Davie Co., NC
Boone Station (KY) Memorial Stone has wrong info

April 2000

Interpretive Center honors Oregon Boones
Boggs (Lilburn W. 1796-1860) aided westward move, gold rush

January 2000

Winston-Salem Reunion details
Board of Directors Candidates
A “Cousin” dies at the Alamo (Jacob Darst, husband of Elizabeth Bryan, granddaughter of Elizabeth Boone)

October 1999

Boone Reunion 2000 to revisit old NC roots
They pre-date George III
Archaeology at Boone Station
Debating Israel’s descendants

July 1999

We’re Tax-free at last!
Chester Harding’s Reproduction Available to Society
Pennsylvania cemetery yields clues about Boon lines
(Darby Borough, PA, settled by Quakers in 1681.)

April 1999

“Boon Treasury” is Salem’s own treasure
What was Rebecca like?
Memorial to George Boone IV was Society member’s dream

January 1999

Directors tout their states’ historic sites
Last Will of Joseph Bryan, Nov. 20, 1804, Jefferson Co., KY
Boone hosts enliven celebration at NC’s Whipporwill Academy

October 1998

Boonesborough Convention Ratifies Society bylaws
Boone’s Ferry Days in Oregon
“Eyewitness” reports from Boonesborough, Bryan Station

April 1998

More “Lost” Boone Artifacts Resurface
George Caleb Bingham’s Boone Painting – things you didn’t know
Report from Edward Boone Committee

January 1998

Daniel Boone’s Grandson Strikes Out for Oregon
Wealth of Data in Boone Family’s Bible
Update on Effort to Memorialize Edward Boone

October 1997

Reunion & registration details for 1998 reunion
Profiles and nominations of officers
Preservation Efforts in Kentucky

June 1997

Objectives of The Boone Society
Recap of the 1996 Reunion in St. Louis
Preview of the 1998 Reunion in Lexington, KY
History & Genealogy