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Boone Society

Genealogy Research Fund Established


The Society Board of Directors has established a Genealogy Research Fund. The purpose of the fund is to accept donations to be used for special Boone research projects. Remember, donations to the Society are tax deductible. The initial research project will have two goals:

(1) To hire a genealogy research firm in England to prove (or disprove) through documentation whether Daniel Boone (and thus his grandfather, George Boone III) is descended from the de Bohun royalty line in England. While the connection has been generally accepted for the past 200 or so years, documented proof has never been found.

(2) The second goal is to try and locate at least two people (perhaps in England) who carry the de Bohun surname and who can document their royalty connections. If the de Bohun people can be located, we will encourage their participation in the Boone DNA testing project.

If you would like to participate in this exciting project, please send your donations to:

Barbara Spears Pipek
Boone Society Treasurer
4414 Parsonsville Road
Purlear, North Carolina 28665-9350

If you would like to donate via PayPal please click the donate button:

Be sure to note that your donations are for the Genealogy Research Fund.

For information about de Bohun research or to serve on the committee, contact Barbara Spears Pipek at