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  1. I’m kin to Rebecca BRYAN Boone so her children are my cousins. Her Dad Joseph and my Grandfather were 1st cousins, to the best of my knowledge. Excited to be with you all, so many of my long lost kinfolks..

  2. My sister recently got onto Ancestry, and so we were able to trace our family lineage back to Dinah Boone. Dinah married Benjamin Tallman, who is the son of Anne Lincoln. Really cool to trace my lineage back to the likes of not only the Boone family, but also the Lincoln family, and John Milton!

  3. Michael A. Schaffner

    Trying to confirm Boone family ties for Sarah Lucretia Boone who married Benjamin Blanton who started the Blanton Chapel in Leonard, TX s/e of Sherman in Fannin County.

  4. our genealogy is already done. my 6th great grandmother was Hannah Boone. She married James Lamb and eventually settle in Indiana. Which the family eventually moved to missouri.

    I also fail to mention that I served in the kentucky state legislature at one time and ran for Sec of State in the primary this past May 2023.

    1. Thanks for posting your information. Are you talking about Hannah Boone, daughter of Joseph Boone and Elizabeth Ann Warren.

      Barbara Spears Pipek
      Genealogist & Treasurer

    2. I would love an opportunity to explore our genealogy as I think it crosses paths in a few places.
      My family refers to Brigadier General Daniel Morgan as “Old Chief Big Nose” and apparently he was my grandfather five or six generations back but oddly from Daniel Boones mother’s side as I understand it.
      We ended up in the Morgan Hill region of San Diego through the association and marriages of Hiram Morgan Hill and his wife’s family.
      Hope you have a moment to chat.

  5. My 6X Great Grandmother is Mary Polly Boone.
    My 7X Great Grandfather is Samuel Boone
    My 8X Great Grandfather is Squire Boone

    1. Jeff, I am also a 7th generation direct descendant of Squire Boone. Johnathan the son of Squire is my direct descendant.
      Johnathan was 2 years younger than Samuel. Johnathan son Daniel who was a nephew of the Daniel Boone traveled to Mexico and settled there.

  6. Through my own referencing online, I came to discover that I am related to Joseph Boone, Sr through his marriage to my 7x grandmother Rebecca Fry-Lock. It’s very exciting (if I am accurate). I certainly hope I have made no mistake.

  7. Genealogical research has indicated that my dad, Walton J. Roberts, was the grandson of Ursula Roberts, the 4th great granddaughter of Mary Boone (m. John Webb, Jr.). Since Mary was the d/o George and Mary Maugridge Boone III, my dad would be related to Daniel Boone as a first cousin 7 times removed.

  8. My US Boone lineage branches off twice. The first is George III to George IV to Hannah Boone who married John Hughes of Hughesville. They had a child named George Hughes. George III to James Maugridge Boone I who married Mary Foulke. They had a child named Martha Boone. Martha and George Hughes married. This is when they were in Hughesville at the Exeter Friends house. Their child was Sarah Boone. Sarah is my 4x GG. At first I was taken back as cousins married cousins. After reading extensively into it, their day and age it wasn’t as uncommon as it is today in American culture. Perhaps it just means I have a wee bit more Boone in my DNA than the average Boone. I tell myself at least. Daniel is my 1st cousin 8x removed.

    *James Boone I and Mary Foulke also had a daughter who married into President Lincoln’s family. Anne Foulke Boone Lincoln married Lieut. Abraham Lincoln (Great-Uncle to and the Brother of Virginia John, the President’s Great Grandfather).
    **As descendants of Boone’s US lineage, we are also all descendants of the famous poet John Milton of Paradise Lost. John Milton and Mary Powell Milton had a daughter Mary Milton. She married John Maugridge. Their child was Mary Milton Maugridge who married George Boone III. As you’re all aware, Mary Milton Maugridge was Squire’s mother, Daniel’s grandmother.

  9. My many great grandfather was Jesse Boone, nephew to Daniel Boone, Jesse’s daughter Sarah Boon married Jonathan Wilson who was son of Captain John Wilson who fought in the Seige of Ninety-Six in the War of Independence, I am descended from this line.

  10. From Jackonsville, FL but mother’s family is from Yadkin Co. NC.
    Direct back to George III and then Benjamin, John, and Catherine. Catherine married Marcus Whitaker and I follow the direct Whitaker line to my mother. It’s neat to see that my entire Whitaker family are all 1st cousins to Daniel. 🙂

  11. My lineage is this
    Squire Boone is my 7x Great grandfather
    Samuel Boone is my 6 x Great Grandfather
    Mary Polly Boone is my
    5 x Great Grandmother.

    1. Alyssa, it appears we are cousins. My 6th Great grandmother is Mary Polly Boone.
      Very interesting to see this information.
      Jeff Miller

  12. Monty & Vicki Ellis Weddell

    Vicki Ellis Weddell, my family, descended through the Ellis family to gr.grandfather Jesse Bryan Ellis, then to Evan Ellis Sr., b.1726 to d. 1796, who was buried in the Joppa Cemetery in Mocksville, Davie Co., NC alongside the gravesites of Squire Boone and his Spouse (Ref. Mem. ID 11128427). The Ellis family originated from Merionethshire, Wales and its Quaker descendants were early American Colonists. Numerous “cousin” and interfamily relationships exist between the Ellis, Bryan, Bryant, Morgan, and Boone, and many other allied families. My husband, Monty Thomas Ousley Weddell, is an avid historian and has published 54 volumes of genealogical books consisting of over 20,000 pages in his series, “Our Family Heritage and Genealogical History of…..” These families cover hundreds of family surnames with connections to ancestors tracing back to Royals families and to antiquity. We subscribe to the purpose, goals, and functions of The Boone Society and mailing our family membership form along with some Pedigree charts.

  13. My mothers 3rd great grandfather, married Sarah Sallie Boone. My ancestors go back through Joesph Mauridge Boone

  14. I am a descendant of the repeating Daniel line of Boones. Daniel the IV had a daughter Maude who married Albert Penn. Daniel Boone of woodsman fame is my 6th great grandfather. I am enjoying learning of the Boone family.

  15. Good afternoon.
    My greatx4 grandfather was Jesse Bryan Boone, son of Daniel and Rebecca. His daughter Harriett Morgan Boone married Hiram Howell Baber in Montgomery County Missouri in 1819.
    I am curious if anyone can share research information regarding Hiram and Harriett (lived in St. Charles, then Jefferson City, where both are buried) other than what can be googled.
    Anything pertaining to Jesse Bryan Boone and Chloe Van Bibber would also be appreciated.

  16. My 7th Great Grandfather was George Boone. He was one of the younger brothers of Daniel. George Boone (1739-1820) > John Linville Boone (1769-1845) > Elizabeth Lucy Boone (1797-1843)> Emily Susan Hamblin (1817-1848)> James Nelson Tate (1841-1919) > John Nathanial Tate (1878-1956)> Archie Lee Tate (1908-1985) > Louis Dean Tate (1925-2005)> Roger Dale O’Neal (1953-2017) > Me (1996)

  17. Staci Thomas Gieber

    Hello, cousins! I am descended through Margaret (Boone) Thomas, daughter of Judah Boone, son of James Boone, son of James (senior) Boone, son of George Boone III.

    I now live near Pittsburgh, PA, where there is a Boone Reservoir about a mile from my house. I researched and found the local Boones the reservoir was named for, though I cannot for the life of me find their names now, but could not connect them to any of my Boones. Does anyone know anything about Boone family members living in Washington County, PA, and where or if they connect to George and his descendants?

    1. Hi, in my family lore, a great, great, great grandfather of mine named Alexander Maxwell, was raised in Washington County by his Uncle Tom Maxwell and Betty (Boone) Maxwell after his father died during war of 1812. She was supposedly a sister of Daniel Boone, but dates and names don’t match do so possibly a neice.

    2. Hi, in my family lore, a great, great, great grandfather of mine named Alexander Maxwell, was raised in Washington County by his Uncle Tom Maxwell and Betty (Boone) Maxwell after his father died during war of 1812. She was supposedly a sister of Daniel Boone, but dates and names don’t match do so possibly a niece.

  18. My paternal great grandfather is Elijah Boone Chambers, his wife was a Tutt, their daughter was my grandmother Lillie Forester Chambers. I’m just starting my search on both the Hatton and Henson sides of my line. Enjoying your website.

  19. It is incredible to find out there is a society dedicated to the family history. I am 12th Generation from George Boone iii and based in the UK. I did not know much until I began researching but it is amazing to find out so much information here.

  20. Hello from Smartsville, CA. I like to say it took my family 326 years to reach the California Gold Rush and we are still trying to re-acquire lands and our fortune! Squire Jr is my 5th great grandfather where I descend through Enoch, then Amanda who married into the Nall family in September 1822. I recently inherited a published, quite exhaustive genealogical work titled The Nall families of America. Research done by Sally Nall Dolphin and Charles Fuller Nall, Library of Congress Catalog Number 79-126334. (my name is listed in it) This book has set me on a trajectory of interest in my ancestry like never before! Currently I am fascinated by Daniel and Squire Jr’s mom Sarah Morgan and following her back through time. A road trip following the Boone migration and a trip to Wales and England are in my near future. Any recommendations as to how to go about the Squire Jr road trip?

  21. Daniel Morgan Boone is rather important to the early American history if Missouri, and yet he has never had a Wikipedia page, as far as I could find. So I created a page:

    If anyone has better sources, more detailed information, more information, more information, or better documentation about his and his family’s life & work, please help edit & improve the article

  22. Hi . I am 7 generations descended from Samuel Boone. Squire Boone, Daniel’s older Brother. My family has had papers from society since at least the late fifties. Grandmother Myers’ 2nd cousin Hazel Spraker, wrote the genealogy of Boone’s Families. I have a reprint of it. It has many mistakes in it. I’m a DAR member on my mother’s side.

  23. Upon looking into my mother’s side of the family I just found out today 8-14-21 I am 7th great grandson my mum is 6th to Daniel Boone her dad’s name is (Donald little) passed in 2004 his dad’s name is (Chester j little) born in 1910 passed in 1975 and a WW2 vet love the help in looking into my family history this is wild to me

  24. I am 5th great granddaughter of samuel boone, thru hanna boone on my father’s side of the family. I am also on ancestry. Com, under winsett family tree.

  25. Kathleen O'Brien-Blair

    Do you have any records that indicate whether or not there were any Ashbys living in the Boone Settlement in Missouri. I’m a descendant of the Re Stephen Ashby. His son David Ashby, and David’s nephew Thaddeus eventually settled in Platte County Missouri. But Stephen knew Boone from the year 1787 when his family were taken captive and he hired Boone to try to track them for him (according to a JSTOR article)

  26. My father Otis w boone dob 1900 in Ok grand father John c boone dob 1800s great grand father was green boone that’s about as far back i can get.

  27. Hi my dads side is Donahue-Harrington -Thomas and Johnson.My great grandmaw was Mae Donahue my great grandpaw was James Donahue.,1 of my great aunts on my Donahue side married Charles Howard.They had a son named Robert.They are buried in St.Louis Cemetary 2 in New Orleans,

  28. My dna is connected to a Daniel Boone and a bunch of Boones. I have church records from Kentucky showing Boone marriage to William French. Joseph French and other Frenchs. My dad was William and grand dad had Joseph. William French and Boone were married by Flaget from Pottengers settlement Gethsename Monastery area to Bardstown. I have photos of the old stain glass windows donated by Boones. .

  29. Linda (Buren) Peacock

    I have always been told that we had a connection to the Boone family. Since doing genealogy research, we have pretty well determined the following line and I will begin with Israel Morgan Boone (1726-1756)>Jesse R. Boone (1748-1829)>Israel McMahan Boone (1780-1839)>Rachel (Boone) Moss (1812-1861) who married David Moss (1814-1841)>John Moss (1836-1903)>Joseph Washington Moss (1871-1944)>Ethel (Moss) Buren who married Richard Stanley Buren (1895-1973)>William L. Buren (1927 to present)>me
    I have recently seen posted on other sources that “Jesse R. Boone” is listed as “Jesse Jeptha Boone”. Would appreciate clarification on which is correct.
    Thank you for your wonderful site.

  30. I am the 5th great grandson of Sarah who married John Wilcoxson. Squire would be my 6th great grandfather and Daniel would be my 5th great uncle.
    William Wilcoxson and Nancy Sparks / William Mann and Nancy Wilcoxson / Marshall Gooden and Cinderella Mann / William Gooden and Eliza Fancher / James Gooden and Veda Mae Newberry (my grandparents).

  31. Daniel is my 7th great-uncle and I trace my ancestors back to Daniel’s sister Sarah (1724–1815), who married John Wilcoxson (1720–1798). Sarah and John had a daughter Nancy (1745–1790), who married Capt Benjamin Greer (1745–1790). My ancestors continue from the Greers to the Wilsons to the Proffitts.

  32. I am the 8th great grandson of George Boone III through Sarah Casandra Boone. If a relation to Gregory deBohen can ever be determined through DNA, I decend from Humphry le Gos a direct decendant of the sons of Eystein Glumra Ivarsson the grandfather of Rollo. I am also related to the de Bohun family through the Hays/Wilcoxson/ Falconer/ Craig/ Hawkins/ Trelawney / de Cortenay/ deBohun line back to Humphry le Gos. Boones back to the beginning.

  33. Thank you for maintaining this historical resource! Hannah Boone Frank was my 4th great-grandmother, and her father, Samuel Boone (brother of Daniel) was my 5th great-grandfather.

  34. I am the 8th Great-grand daughter of George Boone 1666-1744

    Mary Boone 1699-1774
    Daughter of George Boone
    George Webb Sr 1723-1812
    Son of Mary Boone
    Mary Webb 1745-1816
    Daughter of George Webb Sr
    Eleanor Lewis 1776-1849
    Daughter of Mary Webb
    Sarah Barber 1819-1903
    Daughter of Eleanor Lewis
    Robert Emmett BURK 1845-1918
    Son of Sarah Barber
    Lorenzo Dow Burk 1867-1930
    Son of Robert Emmett BURK
    Clifford G. Burk 1897-1946
    Son of Lorenzo Dow Burk
    Delbert G Burk 1922-2015
    Son of Clifford G. Burk
    I am the daughter of Delbert G Burk

    1. Hi Marillen. My name is Lisa Boone- my dad’s name : Daniel Boone Vlll. He was born in 1929 to Daniel Boone ( who.passed in 1954), my connection to colonel Daniel Boone is similar to yours.. Ellenor Nellie Lewis – to James Weston. Who’s daughter is Ellender J. Barcafer Weston ( married to Thaddeus Barcafer & their son Paul Barcafer was my great grandpa ( my dad’s grandfather – from his mother’s side ( Pearl G. BARCAFER was Paul’s daughter. So Mary Boone Web ( Colonel D.Boones sister) is also my ties tk George Boone lol. There’s also a relationship that comes ftom my dad’s father’s side…but I’ve yet to find t

  35. My name is Daniel Grube and while doing my ancestry on my Father’s side, I learned that I am the 7th generation descendant Grandson of Mary Boone and 8th generation Grandson of Edward Boone.
    Having found out that Edward was Daniel Boone’s father is so interesting.

  36. I have enjoyed exploring your website. Most recently, I have discovered that Squire and Sarah Boone were my 6th great-grandparents.

    1. Same here Barbara! We are very distant relatives. Which of their children do you descend from? I am from Squire Jr, the namesake but 10 years younger than Daniel.

  37. Thought I was a fifth great grandchild but could be sixth. My grandmother Clarabelle Sampson Hansen-Robert Sampson-Elijah Sampson-fountain Sampson-Susannah Vanbibber-Elizabeth Hays Vanbibber-Susannah Boone Hays-Daniel Boone

  38. Michelle Marie Peterson

    my name is Michelle Marie Nappier-Peterson. I am related to Daniel
    Daniel>Lavinia>Septimus>Nelson>Geo.T Scholl>Charles Claiborne scholl>Shirley ann scholl-Nappier> Michelle Marie Nappier-Peterson

  39. I am descendant of Abraham Stover (possible son of Jacob Stover and Sarah Boone) Has anyone been able to verify children of Jacob and Sarah Boone Stover? Also what is the middle name of Sarah—- Maugridge or Adeline?

    1. Yes, I can yell you the children’s names I have located. Sarah Boone Stover is the “wife” of my 8th Great Uncle Jacob Stover
      My grandmother’s maiden name was Stover.

    2. My ancestor was Mary Boone Stover (1711-1774) who married William Hezekiah Hall (1707-1758). Would like to know who Mary’s parents could possibly be.

  40. Hello- I am a direct descendant of Squire Boone (8 x’s Great-Grandfather) and his son Israel Boone (7 x’s Great-Grandfather). Vashtie Boone (4 x’s Great-Grandmother) married Valentine Martin (4 x’s Great-Grandfather) which connects the Martin family, my family. I am from Southern Missouri.

  41. Just saw that I am also related to Squire Boone Sr.
    Squire Boone Sr
    Sarah Boon Wilcoxson
    Mary Wilcoxson Walker
    Jesse Walker
    Pleasant Walker
    Louisa Walker Hamblin
    George Hamblin
    Bailey Hamblin
    Carl Hamblin
    Karen Hamblin (me)

  42. Linda Anita Alexander Yoder Medley

    After 40 or so years of doing genealogy, I get a surprise every once in a while. Mary Milton Maugridge who married our George Boone b 1665 is actually a granddaughter of John Milton, the poet who penned Paradise Lost as one of our most illustrious ancestors…… I discovered this by accident and I assume no one else has pursued this line past Mary Maugridge and John Milton. My line is thru Benjamin Boone and Ann Farmer.(one son) John Boone b. 1728 and Rebecca Bryan daughter Rebecca Boone b. 1768 m. John Frost son Enoch Boone Frost.

    My expanded files are on World Connect the last update was 2012 (before DNA). It is woefully out of date and hasa many mistakes. Done after computer and before several crashes. I have the most current data on Ancestry DNA which if you can get on there ….. it is fairly current but my straight lines only

    1. Just curious Linda what your connection to Daniel Boone is. My grandmother was a Medley. My 4x great grandmother was Sarah Boone (married Ignatius Medley) and was supposedly a 1st cousin of Daniel Boone.

  43. I am a surveyor from Fort Atkinson in Northeast Iowa, researching the surveying done by Nathan Boone in the year of our Lord, 1832. He was surveying a portion of what is now known as Iowa which was known as the “Neutral Strip” at the time, He was not able to finish the survey due to “troubles with the Indians” Latter on his son in law James Craig was contracted to finish his work. I live on property that he would have walked across during his survey. I was curious if Nathan had kept a journal during this time as I known he had kept journals of his expedition in 1837. If anyone can help, feel free to e-mail me at Thanks and be proud of your heritage as it is extremely impressive what you family has done and been involved with.

    1. Jennifer Jayne Donahue

      Sarah “Cassandra” Sally Boone Wilcoxson is my 7th great Grandmother. Would love to see how we line up with John and Sally’s children. I also have my genealogy indicating that Samuel, her brother, is my 7th great grandfather as their grandchildren married and gave bieth to Rebecca White (both recognized by the Boone Society and I would love assistance in tracking this line’s true lineage). I trace through Sarah Boone m. John Wilcoxson, S. John Wilcoxson m. Sarah Notson, S. Isaac Wilcoxson m. Rebecca White, D. Elizabeth Wilcoxson m. Col. Robert Boucher, S. Benjamin Reeves Boucher m. Frances Eleanor Halliburton, S. Ezra Orley Boucher m. Bertha Ethyl Brock, D. Vennon Louise Boucher m. Gerge Edward Chattin Jr., D. Maryjane Chattin and Richard Chapman had. Joanne Marie Donahue. Joanne Marie Donahue and Michael Patrick Mullaley had Jennifer Jayne Fonahue who is me.

  44. My husband always told me he was kin to Daniel Boone but after he passed recently I started checking family tree, when I click on how related in tree it goes my husband, his father Leonard Boone, his father Morell Boone,his father John Harvey Boone, his fatherBenjamin William Boone, his father Rudolpho Boone, his father Edward Linville Boone ,his father George Boone, and Daniel is his son

  45. From Weaverville, NC. Squire Boone is my 7th Great Grandfather.
    Squire Boone
    Israel Boone
    Jonathan Boone
    Thomas Boone
    Enos Dove Boone
    Thomas W. Boone
    Dar Clishen Boone
    Dave Clish Boone (Grandfather)
    Jeff Boone (Father)

  46. My grandmother was a Howard. The Howards, Bryans, Boones and Linvilles were all intermarried, cousins, etc. My direct ancestor, James Cofer, was brother to Jesse Cofer (Copher), who married Elizabeth Boone and was one of the settlers of Boonesborough.

  47. My ancestors on my fathers side go back to Squire Boone, Daniels Boones older brother. One of Squires daughters Hannah C. 1831 – 1901 was a Grandmother, Great Grandmother etc. on my Grandmothers side. There were a lot of Boones that moved to Iowa and settled in what is now Boone Iowa in Boone County, There is an old Cemetary on the outskirts of Boone that is called “Squire Boone Cemetary”, a lot of headstones with the name Boone on them. I had been going there since I was a kid, it’s very interesting. I have many old relatives buried there and another one about 10 miles away at Luther, Iowa.

    1. I am related to Squire Bone jr as well, my line is

      George Boone III
      George Boone II
      Squire Boone Sr
      Squire Boone Jr
      Moses Boone
      Daniel A Boone
      John M Boone
      Roy Boone
      Glen Boone
      Bryan Boone
      Bryan Boone II {me}

      1. I just found out today that Sarah ‘Sally’ Boone Wilcoxson is my 7th Great -Grandmother. My lineage is as follows: Squire & Sarah Morgan Boone, Sarah Boone & John Wilcoxson, Nancy Wilcoxson &B. Greer, Rachel Greer & Robert Judd, John Greer Judd & Martha Elizabeth Simpson, Benjamin Franklin Judd & Margaret Carlton, Jefferson Davis Judd & Margaret Craft, Burris Columbus Judd & Nellie Nevada Piston, Beta Pearl Judd & John Henry Ford, Johnnie Ann Ford & Roy Helms, me. I’ve seen research done through a branch of my husband’s family on his father’s side that he is also related but through Edward Boone’s lineage. Would love more information!

        1. Hi! Sarah Boone & John Wilcoxson were my 8th great-grandparents. Captain Benjamin Greer and Nancy (Wilcoxson) Greer were my 7th great-grandparents. Benjamin Greer (Rachel Greers brother) and Sally Compton were my 6th great-grandparents.

      2. How cool Bryan Boone to be so direct that you have the name! I was with you through Squire Jr then I go Enoch, Amanda and theres where I go off to having the blood but not the name. Amanda married into the Nall family in 1822(much to her dads dispair). The next four generations the women held the blood as men from different areas married into it diluting it as they went and then there was me. A late in life Jarmen-Morgan-Boone geek.

  48. I am also related to the boones squire boone was my 8th Great Grandfather.
    Mary Martha Reese Thompson was my Fifth Great grandmother , James Thompson my 5th Great Grandfather

  49. I am the 5th great grandson of Mary (Bryan) Oglesby who was raised by her “Uncle Dan’l” and Rebecca (Bryan) Boone, along with her siblings, after her mother Rebecca Enochs died. My 2nd great grandmother in that line was also named Rebecca.

    1. Hi, Joe – Daniel Boone was my 6th great grandfather through his daughter Lavina Boone Scholl. Did you ever find out if there is a way to do a DNA test to verify?

  50. I just found out that Daniel Boone is my 7th great grandpa through is daughter Lavina. Is there anywhere that I can get DNA tests to verify?

  51. reply to candace post of oct 28,18,the DNA of calvin watson boon matches mine a distance of 1 at 68 alleles, the boons in burke county ga.later miss.,then clark county illinois thomas,william,inherited from frederick boon of burke,these boons are generally placed as descendants of ratcliff boon but there is no DNA match,there may be some connection to ratcliff or his brother joseph of johnston county n c as that is where my richard brown lived that his descendant matches the DNA of calvin watson boon,these people are very difficult to research,my other closest match is to sanders vann descendants who was from twiggs these people are just as mysterious, any questions please ask. thanks john e brown

    1. Jennifer Jayne Donahue

      Your last name is in my ancestry in a different side than my recognized Boone lineage from Sarah Sally Cassandra Boone, daughter of Squire Boone and Sarah Morgan Boone. She is sister oldest sister to Daniel. However, my Brown research seems to back into an Elizabeth Boone I am trying to pin down also.Happy to chat.

      1. Hi Jennifer my dads moms side is Donahue.My grandmaw was Lois Donahue.Her dad was James Donahue.Her moms name was Mae .

  52. I am looking for information on Calvin Watson Boone Born abt. 1811 in either North Carolina or Tennessee. His wife’s name was Mary “Polly” Hamm . I have found a 1840 and 1850 census in Tennessee There were several children, but I have the death certificates for four son’s who list him as their father; Robert A. Boone, James Albert Boone, Franklin Pierce Boone, and Gilbert Boone. All four brothers ended up in Stoddard County, Missouri.
    I would like information on Calvin Watson’s parents. The links I have found do not add up time wise. Any help would be appreciated

    1. She would be my 7th GGrandmother

      George Boone III
      George Boone II
      Squire Boone Sr
      Squire Boone Jr
      Moses Boone
      Daniel A Boone
      John M Boone
      Roy Boone
      Glen Boone
      Bryan Boone
      Bryan Boone II {me}

    2. Hi, I am related to several Boone’s. There are so many wonderful family lines in these families.
      I am also related to Jane Van Cleave. By any chance do you know any data on the Cleaves?

      Thank you
      Candy Wicks

  53. From Orange, Texas. Andcesty DNA shows I am in the Martha Eliza Little circle and since I was not aware of her link to my family tree, I started searching how I was linked and found it was thru John Boone. I came across this site and learned a lot more information on the Boone side of my family. George Boone was my 7th great grandfather.
    George Boone
    Benjamin Maugridge Boone m. Ann Farmer
    John Boone m. Rebecca ??
    Catherine “Katie” Boone m. Marcus Whitaker
    Benjamin James Whitaker m. Sarah Sallie Sebastian
    Finetta Alice Whitaker m. Albert Gallatin King
    Ida B King m. Joshua Augustus Cicero Kemble
    Abraham Allen Kemble m. Hazel Marguerite Jordan
    Hazel Margueritte Kemble m. Richard Stewart de Bie
    Sheryl Marie de Bie m. David John Bethard

  54. I am Barbara Boone, a descendant from John Boone and Dorcas Chestnutt. I would like to verify this further.
    Here is what I have. The “Our First Families has been known to have some mistakes.

    “Notes from “Our First Families” by Laura Lindley: Early in the seventeen hundreds a man named Boone left Holland and went to England, but soon came to America, landing in New England. There he married and had a son named Squire. Squire married and started for the south, and his son, Daniel Boone, was born in Pennsylvania. Squire settled in North Carolina, and there had another son, Stephen (Steven), brother to Daniel, who became the ancestors of the Boones of Bingham. (Bingham, Bingham Twp., Leelanau Co., Michigan). Dora Ann Boone Bean did extensive research and could not connect Stephen with the Squire Boone family.

  55. I am looking for factual information about
    Hannah (Boone) Stewart’s
    daughter Ann Elizabeth.

    I’d like to know who Ann Elizabeth married and where and if there are any fact sources to verify it,
    such as Marriage records, or family letters.

    Spraker’s does not list the children by John Stewart

    I thank you for your attention to this query.


  56. Looking to confirm that an Elizabeth Cunningham is a niece of Daniel Boone. Elizabeth married and had a son named John Cofer (Copher)

    1. I do not know the name Cunningham, but Daniel Boone’s brother George had a daughter Elizabeth who married Jesse Copher (Cofer). You can find a lot of info about Jesse online.

  57. I don’t see my first comment so….my line is as follows….Squire Boone Sr>Israel Boone (Daniel’s brother)>Jonathan Boone>Israel Boone>Allen Boone>John Winslow Boone>Eva Mae Boone (Whalin)>Gladys Whalin (Benbrook)>Elizabeth Lou Benbrook (Sternberg)>Marla Sternberg>Me

  58. From Redding, CA. My great great grandmother’s name was Eva Mae Boone, descendant of Daniel Boone’s brother Israel Boone. Their father Squier is my 8th great grandfather.

  59. I’m happy to find this site. Over Labor Day my fathers family is going to meet. My father Is only son of 9 children 7 sisters & 1 son passed less then a month old. Our Grandmother told us growing up we were related to Daniel Boone thru one of his brothers.
    Just recently my dad youngest sister shared the family history so I’ve been on line trying to make the connection. I’m stuck in the middle on one name. In our family history if you start with me,
    Teresa Boone-Moore,
    my father is Wayne E, Boone,
    his father is Orron Levi (Shorty) Boone (died from injuries from a house fire at young age).
    Then his father is Roy Clarence Boone,
    then his father is William Henry Boone,
    then his father is Andrew Jackson Boone.
    then this is where I can’t find him anywhere online.
    I can see everyone else. According to my Aunts history if we keep moving up the line,
    Andrew’s father is John Boone Jr,
    his father is John Boone Sr,
    who’s father is Benjamin Boone (Brother to Squire Sr, so that would make Benjamin, Daniel Boone’s Uncle),
    his father George III,
    his father is George II,
    his father is George Boone from England married to Mary Milton-Maugridge.

    So if anyone could help, that would be great. The reason I’m having a problem is I do not see where John Jr, I think didn’t have a son named Andrew Jackson Boone. So did we go down the wrong branch?
    I have a copy of a photo with my grandfather Orron L, Roy C & wife and William Henry with what looks like 3 generations of Boone family, there is one other son Parchal Boone & wife. There is also 3 daughters and 3 son-in-laws, 12 grandchildren, one of which is my grandfather Orron, his brother Gordon & a cousin Willard the rest are girls. So I’m sure this part is correct then we go to Andrew Jackson Boone & I don’t see where he is listed online.
    The Boone family in the photo were mainly all buried in Chillicothe cemetery in Livingston, MO. Where I think William was a baptist preacher. I know one grandson Gordon Boone was a preacher in Red Oak, IA when he pasted.
    So if you are still reading this, I’d like to know if anyone can help me find Andrew Jackson Boone connection.
    Thank you. Teresa Boone-Moore.

  60. Michael Scholl 7th generation from Edward Boone through Peter Morgan Scholl and Mary Boone. Thank you for creating this Society……..

  61. Tasha Grant (Boone)

    I am the granddaughter of Manley Hugh Boone Jr.(1932 to 1988) [grandson of Sherman (Peter) Boone (1867-1906)] which appears to be a descendant of Squire Boone.

  62. Jeptha Vining Boone is my 3rd Great Grandfather. In “The Boone Family” book it says that Jeptha went west and that is all the information it gives. I would like to know more about his life if possible.

  63. I am the 7th great-grandson of Edward “Ned” and Martha (Bryan) Boone through my mother’s lineage. Ironically, my father’s lineage is Bryan, although from a different branch than Martha and Rebecca’s. Happy to have discovered the Boone Society and looking forward to becoming a member. Planning to visit Fort Boonesboro and Bryan’s Station in July.

    1. Darcy Bryan Mugartegui

      Hi! I am a Bryan and Boone. Who’s your father and where was he from? My father Lowell was from William C.Nryan Jr line.

  64. Hi, Thank you for the information about his hat. I am a 4th grader in Connecticut and am giving my biography report next week on Daniel Boone. I have to dress up and was going to make a coon skin hat but now I see that is wrong information. Now I will wear a wide brimmed felt hat. Thank you, I like history and learning about Americans who shaped our country.

  65. I am a direct ancestor to William Grant married to Elizabeth “Betsy” Boone…still working out the relation but lots of Boone’s on DNA match lists! Thanks for the great website!

  66. My grandmother’s obit says she was a 3rd cousin of Daniel Boone. Squire Boone was not a parent in our line I’m looking for Andrew Boon m. Mary (b. 1720). Child Andrew Boon Jr. b. 17 Nov. 1737 in PA m. Martha Gurion is our line.

  67. Linda Shafer Lewis

    I am a 4th great granddaughter of Hannah Boone Pennington, her son, Daniel Boone Pennington married to Esther Frailey, their daughter Abigail Pennington married to Jonathan Pendergast Moore, their daughter Lieurettia Moore married Thomas Rush and their daughter Minnie D. Rush was my grandmother (married to Robert Frank Shafer). I hope to one day visit Hannah’s grave and this dedication stone which honors her and the family’s contribution to our nation’s birth. I wish I had had the access to all of this while my father Donald W. Shafer was still alive, he loved family history so much.

  68. Israel Boone(daniel’s brother) is my 6th great grandfather. From there the line follow Jonathan-Thomas-James Madison-John Fagin-James- and Bertha Boone Hughes

  69. Hi, my cousin Mary Hemphill suggested I make a contact. We’re descendants of Boone Agee, whose mother’s family traces to Johnathan Boone and Squire Boone. Living in Indiana, Squire Boone cavern is on my to do list this summer. What data is needed tpo prove the tie, and join the group?

  70. Hello Boone family, still trying to figure out which branch I belong to. My Dna has me at 54% European west, 31% Irish/Scott/Whales and 8% scandinavian. So much history behind the name, gotta love being a Boone

  71. Hi Boone Family, I am not related to the Boone family that I know of but might be related to one of the allied Boone families. My DNA Cope family ( John Cope-Quaker ) is listed on the 1715 Chester Co. PA tax list ( pub. by Gilbert Cope 1881 ) Also listed on the 1715 Chester Co. PA tax lists are George Strode-Quaker, John & Thomas Linville and the 1720s and 1730 Chester Co. PX tax lists has George Wilcockson of Uwchlan twp land deed 30 Dec 1730.
    Next on the 1768 Rowan Co. NC tax list of Morgan Bryan JR I find William Cope & sons William, John and James Cope, John & David Wilcockson, William Linvel ( maybe dec.d but taxed ) , Joseph Bryan ( wife Aylee/Alice Linville) , William Bryan ( wife Mary Boone ) and William Grant ( wife Elizabeth Boone ) .
    This is why I became interested in the Boone family .
    David Crow Cope

  72. My grandfather, Winfield Scott Boone, son of John. O. Boone of Clio, Iowa, was cousin to Sylvester Boone. I believe Sylvester was a 2nd cousin to Daniel, son of Squire. We have a small powder horn, and bullet mold, said to have come from Daniel. It now belongs to Daniel Boone of Alaska, son of my 1st cousin, Vivian Boone Hegg of Juneau. Vivian is the daughter of James Boone, and has one brother, Jackson of Eagle, AK. W. S. Boone sired 5 children, in order: James Scott, Earl, Ralph Walter b. 1911 (my father), Ruth, & Edythe, all deceased. I would love to know if anyone has knowledge of the Scottish and Welsh ancestry of John or Squire Boone of England. I was born 8/13/1951 to Ralph and Grace Marie Smith

  73. George Boone I (brother of Col. Daniel Boone), father of George Boone II, father of George Boone III, father of Squire Maugridge Boone, father of Daniel Boone (B. 1777), father of David C. Boone, father of James Asbury Boone (Great Grandfather), Sarah Elvira Boone (Ellis) Grandmother, Catherine Ellis (my mother), Willard E Wells

  74. Col. Richard Callaway-Zachariah Nathanaiel Callaway-Amelia aka “Amely” Permelia (Malonae) , George Dooley-Sarah-Oliver P. French-Mary Jane French-Adam Fadler.
    The Callaway Kentucky courthouse is in Murray,Kentucky. I spent 4 years in Murray 1965-1969. I met a Parvin Blaylock who shared Callaway stories and directed me to historical sites that were virtually unknown.I did not know that I was a direct until years later:)

  75. My name is Ron Botkins and Daniel Boone is my first cousin 7x removed. His grandfather,George Boone, is my 8th great grandfather. We are related on my mother’s side through the Webb family’s connection to the Boones.I have always been proud to call him “family”…..
    Ronald A. Botkins

  76. 6th great granddaughter of Edward “Ned” Boone. Also the 7th great granddaughter of Daniel and Edward’s cousin Josiah Boone Sr, who accompanied the family to Kentucky. Daniel and Edward’s father Squire is my 7th great grandfather, and their uncle George IV is my 8th great grandfather. Definitely some cousin marriages there! Hahahaha. The common thread is my great great grandmother Cener Boone Hunter, born 10 July 1857 in Arkansas, daughter of Squire Court Boone (b. 1830 KY). When I had my DNA done, “Kentucky Settler” group lit up the chart like a spotlight and the Boone name was everywhere! Loving this. So fun.

    1. Hello
      What part of Arkansas?

      I am in the lineage of the Bryans that settled in Bear Creek-Marshall-Harrison.
      My grandmother ‘s grandfather ‘a obituary connected him as a cousin to Daniel. The Boones & Bryan’s were long connected..

      Recently visited the capital of Texas & picked up a book there it documents the history & details the movement of Boones & Bryan pioneers to Texas by Steve Austin. (there is the towns of Boone & Bryan there also) Daniel Boone was buried at Bryan cemetery in Mossouri.

  77. Just discovered this tree because my grandmother was orphaned at 5 and adopted by a new family. This is her birth family and our Boone branch. I’m exploring the other lines from Squire, because my husband is from KY and I’ve seen Boones referenced in his tree. I’m looking for our relationship, just for fun. I’m also digging into Daniel’s work in Logan County Ohio to clear the indigenous population, because another ancestor in my father’s line was the first settler there after his invasion. Just found your group and I might be back!

    Squire Boone b1696
    Jonathan Boone b1730
    Dinah Boone b1759 m Zachariah Allen b1763
    Sarah Boone Allen b1781 m Thomas Palmer b1778
    William Palmer b1816
    Mathias Palmer b1859
    Edith Miriam Palmer b1899 m Paul Crimm b1893
    Suzanne Crimm b1931 m William Milligan b1923
    Edith Crimm Milligan (now Edie Milligan Driskill) b1958

  78. My wife, Patricia Nolan is a descendant, 5th great-granddaughter, of Elizabeth Boone (1732-1825) who married William Grant. I may be related by marriage to Sarah Boone (1724-1815) who married John Wilsockson. We live in central Kentucky.

    1. We’re family! Hi my name is Jeri Rae Kent and I am related throught the same line of Sarah Boone! says so anyway ? My ancestry shows me to be Squite Boone Jr.’s 12th Great Granddaughter.

  79. Evan Tillman September 17, 2017

    Descended through both brothers Samuel Boone and Daniel Boone.
    Samuel 3, Rev. Squire 4, Rev. Thomas 5, Harriet 6 who married Nelson Scholl 7.
    Daniel 3, Lavinia 4 who married Joseph Scholl 5, Septimus Scholl 6, Nelson Scholl 7.

    My father Daniel Tillman,who has since passed away, was a re-enactor during the weekends in which he wasn’t hunting, fishing, or camping. He made and sold black powder bullets and jewelry at various fairs and demonstrated how to use a black powder rifle.

  80. George Boone b.1666 Eng.
    Benjamin Boone b 1706 Eng.(Brother to Squire Boone Sr.)
    John Boone Sr. b. 1727 PA
    John Boone Jr. b. 1781 NC
    Anderson Boone b. 1807 TN
    Reuben Anderson Boone b. 1830 TN
    John L. Boone b. 1865 TN
    William T. Boone b. 1910 MO
    Randall L. Boone KS

  81. From Brookings, OR. Daniel Boone was my 5th great grandfather. My Grandmother’s dad was Van Daniel Boone, Son of Jesse VanBibber Boone, son of Alphonso Boone, son of Jesse Bryan Boone, son of Daniel and Rebecca Boone. I wish I would of gotten more information from my Grandmother Cora Rose Boone. She did however tell me about living on Boone Island and using a row boat to go to school!

  82. From Dallas, Texas – I have followed the Geneology back to Daniel Boone being my 7th Great Uncle, Edward was my 6th Great Grandfather > George Boone, 5th Great Grandfather > Richard Boone, 4th Great Grandfather> Mary Hester Boone, 3rd Great Grandmother > Wade Boone Hall, Great Grandfather > Jess Ernest Hall, Grandfather > Mary Lou Turner, Mother> ME
    Some of the family has followed a different path, I have tried to back track from their information and do not feel its correct.

  83. Sandra Little McGuire

    Thank you for your assistance to Tonya and Kelly Nickles in their efforts to locate the gravesite of Hiram and Sarah Evans Bryant (Bryan), Sr. I very much enjoyed the article published in the “Licking Valley Courier” on July 27, 2017 regarding your involvement in the project.

    I would like to add a family story regarding the couple and some of their children: Hiram and Sarah, along with some of their children and members of connecting families, joined a wagon train, perhaps with a religious group and traveled to Kansas. After a short time in Kansas Hiram and Sarah returned to Eastern Kentucky. The return trip was made by train. Upon their return they bought the property that became known as Bryant’s Fork. Their son Hiram Bryant, III and his wife Ellen Oldfield Bryant, daughter of Rezin and Martha Ann “Patsy” Murphy Oldfield remained in the Lynn, Kansas area for the remainder of their lives.

    If possible, I would appreciate your forwarding this information to the Nickles family.

    Thank you

  84. Another Boone descendant: Samuel A. (Daniel’s oldest brother and settler of Boone’s Station) & Sarah Day Boone, parents of Hannah Boone Frank, wife of Robert Frank, II (son of the other settler of Boone’s Station), father of Samuel Boone Frank, Sr., father of Samuel Boone Frank, Jr., father of S. W. Frank, father of WW Frank, father of Stephen Frank, my father. Whew…. that’s a….

    1. Jennifer Jayne Donahue

      I am trying to determine why the Boone Society does not recognize Elizabeth Boone as the daughter of Samuel Boone and Sarah Day. My line traces both to Samuel and Daniel’s olderst sister through Rebeccah White but her connection to Samuel and Sarah is in question because of Elizabet Boone’s question mark. Any information you or anyone has would be great.

    2. Hi Wendy, I’m glad to see the confidence you have in your lineage, because the Boone Society cannot, or will not, confirm Hannah as being a daughter of Samuel Boone and Sarah Day. Of course, we know she is. My line goes through Hannah’s and Robert’s daughter, Elizabeth Frank. Elizabeth married Jacob Daimwood, and one of their 13 children was my great-great grandmother, Lucretia Daimwood. Her daughter was Sarah Elizabeth Wheatley. My grandfather, Collintine Page, was her son. I hope we’re right…I think we are! Byron Wheeler

  85. Jennifer Masters Young

    I am from Pennsylvania originally and I am a direct descendant of George Boone III of Devon. My ancestor was the eldest sibling of Squire Boone, also named George. I am amazed at how many direct descendants and other relatives of Daniel Boone there are today.

    1. Write me at my email address and I will be more than happy to help you find your ancestors. Dorthy Mack, Boone Society Genealogist. Dorthy Mack Mantec, Ca. 1 Oct 2017

    2. Hi my name is Rebecca faith Boone. Dance El Boone is I’m not sure is my 32 cousin. I am also looking for descents.

  86. A recent test seems to confirm my relationship to the Boone family.
    Squire Boone
    Edward or Neddie Boone
    Charity Boone
    Nancy Elledge
    Sophia C. Phillips
    Mariah Kincaid
    Carson Angle/Angel
    Craig Carson Angel
    Craig Howard Angel
    and me Laurie Catherine Angel

  87. Originally from Dallas, Texas I’m so envious of those descendants still carrying the Boone name. I lost that chance almost immediately: Samuel Boone (brother of Daniel) is my 5th greatgrandfather. His daughter, Hannah gave birth to Elizabeth Frank – Elizabeth gave birth to Lucretia Daimwood – Lucretia gave birth to Sarah Elizabeth Wheatley – and Sarah gave birth to my grandfather…Collintine Page in 1889. And then there was my mom – Vivian. Amazing to see how many we are. We’re everywhere!

  88. This is quite a task tracking down past generations so far I have found:
    George Boone II
    George Boone III
    Squire Boone Sr
    Squire Boone Jr
    Moses Boone
    Daniel A Boone
    John M Boone
    Roy Boone
    Glen Boone
    Bryan Boone
    Bryan Boone II {me}

    Dad started this before he passed and now I am continuing it, I am always looking for more info so I can pass the knowledge to my children. Also will be nice learning about more relatives.

  89. My 7x great grandmother is Hannah Boone Stewart
    via Sarah Stewart Osborne
    Hannah Starr
    Rebecca Burrington
    Amanda Tripp
    Bailey Tripp It was great to find this site and lots of relatives. hope to make a reunion

  90. Kathleen Bryan-Wollmann

    My name is Kathleen Bryan-Wollmann. My sister Mindy has done some research and we have recently found out we are related to Daniel Boone’s wife. It was a very interesting find.

    We are related on my father’s side. (Bryan)
    We would like to learn more about our heritage.
    Is anybody else related on the Bryan side?

    Most of live in Ohio. My twin brother lives in Hendersonville, Tennessee.
    I would like to hear from you.

    Thank you for your time!

  91. Billie Sue Graybeal

    Boone Family descendant through John and Mary Boone Webb (6x great grandparents on my mother’s side) and John and Sarah Boone Wilcoxsen (7th great grandparents on my father’s side). I have enjoyed visiting your website!

  92. Hannah Boone is my 5th great grandmother. Live in Kansas and will check out reunions. Richard Pennington was 5th great grandfather, Daniel Pennington and Ester, Lieuretta Pennington and Jonathan Moore, Abigail Moore and Thomas Rush, Abigail Rush and William Weaver.

  93. Daniel Boone was my 6x Great Grandfather ! Nothing Complicated. Leah scholl, Daniel Boones Grandaughter Married John Newman my 4x great grandfather. Makes Daniel Boone My 6x ggf

  94. Descendant of Daniel’s brother Israel as follows:
    Israel Boone–>Jesse Boone–>Israel McMahan Boone–>John Boone–>Israel Judson Boone–>Anna Grace Boone Cobble–Dorothy Jewell Cobble Benefield–>Sandra Benefield Kinsey–>me

    Believe me, it wasn’t easy sorting out all the Daniels, Israels, and Squires!!

    My mom and I have been chipping away at the huge task of digitizing her family photos. In the process, I have discovered photos of many Boone cousins. Please email me at if you are interested in copies, or if you think you can help identify some of my “unidentified” folks, or just want to exchange information. It seems the descendants of poor Israel got left out of a lot of the earlier Boone family histories!

    Here are the names of some of the ones I have identified in our family photo collection:
    Children of Sarah Elizabeth “Lizzie” Boone Shouse: Margaret, Wallace, and Frances (they lived primarily in OK and then CA) taken around 1914-1920. They may not know much about the Boones because Lizzie (my great-grandmother’s sister, died in 1914 when her children were small.

    Descendants of Rachel Josephine “Josie” Boone: Lizzie Hunt and her grandson Ronald Walker (I know for sure that these families lived in TX and came back to TN periodically to visit.) dated 9/20/1936.

    Descendants of Sarah Boone Henderson’s (sister of John, my 3x great-grandfather) son A.J., Sr. This family lived and died in Chattanooga, TN.

    A photo taken on Lookout Mtn., TN of my great-grandmother and 3 people identified as “Emma Boone, Edd Boone, and Lela Boone, 1920” I have not been able to connect them to anyone so far.

    Andrew Johnson Boone and his 3 daughters, Effie Lauderback, Bessie Lauderback, and Claudia Roach–lived in E. TN, primarily Bradley Co. There are two photographs of a large family group and several other smaller group photos; they are part of a series taken in June 1948 at what appears to be a Boone family reunion of sorts. It’s mostly the Israel Judson and Andrew Johnson Boone families, but there might be other Boones in there too. There are also several other smaller group photos taken at different times but featuring some of the same people/places.

    I am really hoping these are someone’s Holy Grail and that I get a lot of replies and requests! Looking forward to hearing from my long-lost cousins.

  95. My mother was Mary Ellen Boone, daughter of John Wesley Boone, granddaughter of James Fletcher Boone. I would love to see an accurate Boone Family Tree from the first George Boone in England. We go back to Edward Boone, Daniel’s brother.

  96. im just starting out as my father is just talking to me we are directly related to Rebecca Boone my dad is sigel brock i really am wanting to trace through the cherokee side please feel free to email me if you all know my fathers name he lives in southern indiana

    1. Jennifer Jayne Donahue

      I have Boone ancestry. I also have Brock ancestry. John Green Brock and Chesley Brock were ancestors of my great great grandmother Berta Ethyl Brock. Let me know if you think I might be of use in your search.

  97. My g/grandmother, Jeffalonia Spradley was the daughter of Elizabeth “Betsy” Boone (1826-1888), daughter of Samuel Boone (1771-1855) who was a nephew of Daniel Boone and grandson of Squire.

  98. I am told that I am a descendent of Israel Boone, Daniel’s brother. My great great grandmother’s name was Eva Mae Boone. She married a Dr. William M. Whalin. Just wondering if anyone can give me anymore information, as I am trying to connect the dots there. Thanks.

  99. Stephanie Ann (Boone) Schreiner

    I am from the George Boone (brother of Daniel) line, through William Linville Boone, to Nestor Boone (who married Matilda Tribble) to Peter Tribble Boone who married Laura Sidney Bower, to Jesse Thomas Boone (who married Mary Catherine Hoy) to Jesse Robert Boone (who married Dorothy Alice Craig), my mom and dad.

  100. If I have it anywhere near correct-I’ve traced the line back from Daniel to John De Bohun(Lord of Middlehurst)-(1301-1367)and wife Cicely De Filliol(1324-1381). Finding French connections to Boones. Also it’s possible that we are related to Charles II(no verification yet).

  101. I am descended from Daniel Boone’s brother George Boone. George Boone was also a pretty spectacular guy too. I believe that he helped to start of the top 25 or 30 biggest metropolitan areas in the United States of America. As I recall this is the Cincinatti, Manassas, VA and another big city area. I will enlist someone with a United States history background to help me check my facts. So while indeed Daniel Boone is famous I am proud of my straight line descendant George Boone. Again my connection to many of the other Boone people might be so distant that it is hard to claim a strong heritage to each other. Usually once you hit 3rd cousin it is too far removed to be considered a strong link. (I will need an attorney to please help me with that I think that a family law attorney would probably know more about than I do).

  102. From St. Louis, Missouri. Daniel is my 6th great-uncle. I’m related to Daniel Boone through his brother, George.

    George Boone
    John Linville Boone
    Alonzo Boone
    Richard Bass Boone
    David Crocket Boone
    Benjamin Bennett Boone
    Nancy Boone Pashea
    Kym Pashea Webb

    Hoping to hear from some relatives and learning more about the family history.

  103. My line of Boones goes from Israel(Daniel’s brother)-down to Jonathan-Thomas-James Madison-John Fagan- James-and Bertha Boone(my grandmother) . I have also located all of their gravesites.

  104. Hello, I believe I am a descendent of Ann or Hannah or Ann Hannah Boone, born in Berks County, PA in 1731. She married a William Winter. She seems to be a mystery. There are church records that confirm an Ann or Hannah Winter very close to the Daniel Boone homestead. Cannot find her exact connection to the family. Anyone else have information on her?

  105. Hello, my ancestor of the Boone family is Susannah Boone, daughter of George W. Boone, who married William Hearne (Hern). Their daughter, Theresa, married Benjamin F. Lynch (my 3rd great-grandparents).

  106. Greetings from Martha’s Vineyard! My name is Susan Marie Boone Larsen. My father was Daniel Wood Boone and my grandmother Alma Lincoln Robinette Boone studied the family genealogy back in the 1960’s. I have all of her documentation. One document claims that her research was validated and approved by the Boone Society. However, I cannot find a link to the frontiersman Daniel Boone. Would you have archived documentation from my grandmother? I have been delving in genealogy since my induction into the Daughters of the American Revolution in 1992 and have notebooks of documents. This missing information would add a crucial piece to my family history. Thank you in advance for your attention and assistance.

  107. Hello to all the Boones, I have been told that I too am a 7th generation descendent of Daniel Boone,
    although I have yet to make the connection. My Great Aunt Lina Boone Jackson was the daughter of Rebecca
    Boone daughter of William Boone I believe. I also was told by my Grandmother that she had many of the Boone
    personal positions that she donated to one of the museums, I am not sure as to this location I believe it was in
    Kentucky. If anyone out there can shed some light on this my family would be so happy .
    Oh and Maire Seiber Cunningham we may be related as well if your family came from West Virginia.

    1. Hi Ronnie, It seems the Boone Society doesn’t recognize Hannah Boone as a daughter of Samuel Boone. I believe they are wrong. Hannah married Robert Frank – their daughter Elizabeth married Jacob Daimwood, and their 13th child, Lucretia Daimwood is my great great grandmother. Lucretia birthed Sarah Elizabeth Wheatley and she birthed my grandfather Collintine Page. I recently did AncestryDNA, and I counted 5 Boones in the 4th-6th cousin range. That would be the appropriate range. Sounds like you saw the same in yours. Best of luck.

  108. Daniel Boone is my 7th great uncle. There are some assumptions being made because actual documentation has not been found to prove the relationship between my 4th great-grandmother Sarah Frank and my 5th great-grandmother Hannah Boone Frank. But my Ancestry DNA is proving that I have many Boone cousins. Hannah Boone Frank married Robert Frank. Hannah’s parents were Samuel Boone and Sarah Day Boone. Samuel’s brother is Daniel Boone.

  109. My 4rth great- grandmother is Susan Boone Arthur. She was a very strong lady married to Lt Robert Arthur (1737-1816). I have found much about Robert’s places of residence and their children. I know Susan died in Brokenstraw PA 1815. I do not know her BIRTHDATE or her PARENTS.
    I would appreciate any information about this precious lady!
    Cynthia Arthur Lin

  110. Hi My name Karen Sanchez, my grandmothers maiden name was Boone. (Boon) I traced her Boone relations back to a Thomas Boone,(Boon) who was father to Abraham. Thomas was born in 1720 in England and deceased in Bareneed Newfoundland and Labrador Canada. I am trying to see if there is a link between the George and Mary that first came to America.. I am stuck. My grandmother said we were related to Daniel Boone. My grandmother is Isabelle Katherine Boone, she passed away already, her father was Albert Ernest Boone Sr. I have been searching Family search,org. Thomas Boon was the 7th generation back. Do you know if there is a link? I would like to join up with your Boone society but I am just now learning this. I can join a little later. I love your site, I liked you on face book. You have all done a wonderful job and service to others.

  111. My great grandmother is Mary Vancleave. Her great great grandfather was William Vancleave. His sister Jane married Squire Boone, Jr. They were two of many children born to Capt. Aaron Vancleave (1710 Staten Island, NewYork to 1780 Rowan County, N.C.) and Rachel Janse Schenck. At the Clerk’s Office in Rowan County N.C.hangs the framed marriage bond of Squire Boone, Jr. and Jane Vancleave dated 7/11/1765. At the Court House at Salisbury, N.C. hangs the original record of deed by which Daniel Boone transferred 640 acres of land to Aaron Vancleave for the sum of 80 pounds. Dated 2/21/1764. Signed by Daniel and Rebecca Boone.

  112. Hello Everyone! This is a wonderful site, I am learning so much!

    I am related through Mary Boone and Billy Bryan, and also through Joseph Boone Sr and Catherine Warren. Double shot of Boones!

  113. Thomas Carlyle McCarthy

    My mother, Barbara Jean Boone, was the daughter of John Carlyle Boone. Joseph Boone, my 7X Grandfather, was Daniel Boone’s uncle.

  114. Wanda Bruner Monarch

    My husband Robert Thomas Monarch born 1944 Owensboro.Ky has Boones as great grand fathers. I have found through research . goes back to Boones from England, Trouble with surname Monarch research. Earliest Monarch was from St.Marys, Maryland.

  115. Rebecca Bryan Boone was my first cousin. She was the wife of Daniel Boone. My 7th great grandfather William Smith Bryan and her grandfather Morgan Bryan were brothers.

  116. My husband’s mother was Margaret Boone Evans through study Iv’e found he is a direct descendant of Israel Boone .

  117. Hello, I’m Barbara Chandler, and have lived on the Ealy Hollow Rd along the Cumberland River in Bell County KY all my life. It is marked with a Boone Trace sign and I was wondering if the folks were coming down that way on their way to Pine Mountain State Park.

  118. I am trying to prove my Boone line. Squire 1696-1765, Isreal 1726-1756, Jesse 1748-1830, Daniel Sr. 1776-1845, Daniel Harrison 1804-1855, Permelia Anders Boone Partin 1820-1922.
    I have a problem with documentation proving the connection between Jesse-Daniel Sr.-Daniel Harrison. If anyone can help me I would so appreciate it.

  119. Daniel Boone is my 6th Great Grandfather. I’m related through the Zumwalt’s. Henry Zumwalt married Jemima Boone. Jemima is Nathan Boone’s daughter. Nathan is Daniel Boone’s son!

  120. I am the 6th Great Granddaughter of Israel Boone, Daniel Boone’s brother. My 2nd Great
    Grandmother was Martha Boone, who married Thomas K Edgemon. Looking forward to learning more about the Boone family!

  121. Hi, Sarah Boone was my great grandmother 5th- she married John Wilcoxson tree is traced through to my maternal grandmother Maude Greer, daughter of George Washington Greer and Millie Belle Whittington. I live in Ashe County, North Carolina.

    1. Jennifer Jayne Donahue

      Hi. She is my 7th great grandmother. She is illusive but intriguing. If you have info on her ir John Wilcoxsonand any of their children, I would love to share. By the way, she is recognized as a patriot by D.A.R., as is John Wilcoxson, for their role at the Battle of Boonesborough.

  122. Stephanie Schreiner

    I am a decedent of George Boone (brother of Daniel) through William Linville Boone, to Nester Boone, to Peter Tribble Boone, to Jesse Thomas Boone, to Jesse Robert Boone (my father).

  123. Kathleen Boone Naylor

    Hi, I am in Texas. I am trying to find my missing links, Henry Boone’s (1835-1899) parents. Hope there is a connection to Daniel, but que sera, sera.

  124. John Michael Burton

    My connection to the Boone family are Bryan and Looney family ancestors. Thanks for your efforts in keeping this history alive

  125. John Michael Burton

    Thank yall for the work and interest in this great era of American History. My ancestors were Sgt Peter Looney,and Captain David Looney of whom Mr D. Boone served under as a Lt. My kin were Burton,Tate, Bryan,Looney,Campbell who were all heroes in Southwest Colonial Virginia. I am honored to be a ancestor of these real American Frontiersmen

  126. Carole Whitaker Callahan

    I began researching my lineage mostly because I did not grow up knowing my maternal nor paternal relatives very well, if at all, and wanted to know more about my roots. In researching, I found my 5th great grandmother to be Catherine “Katie” Boone Whitaker. This was a confounding mess for awhile because on the ancestry site I was using, records confused the cousins, both named Rebecca Bryan, who married the Boone cousins, Daniel and John. After some good research I have confirmed that Daniel was my 1st cousin 8x removed, and not my 8th great grandfather, as I had originally gathered. My research continues, I am learning fascinating histories of both the Boone and Bryan families, and am very excited to find this site. I plan to become a member in the coming weeks!

  127. Hello from Oregon!

    I grew up listening to my great-grandfather tell stories of his grandmother, Mourning Ann, rocking him as a small child in Sumner, OR (near Burton Prairie or Fairview). He also talked about picking apples in the famous orchard on the Oregon Coast near Yaquina Bay when he visited from Coos County. Just a few stories I remember of so many!

    My relationship to Daniel Boone is:

    Daniel Boone
    Jesse Boone
    Alphonso Boone
    George Boone
    Thomas Boone
    Ralph Boone (my great-grandfather) 1900-1994
    Donald Boone (my grandfather) 1924-2005
    Linda Mae Boone (my mother and only child of Donald Boone)1947-1997

    I live in Jacksonville, OR and occasionally visit the grave of Mourning Ann (buried in the Jacksonville Cemetery next to her husband George).

    Love to read the amazing stories about my family.

    Thank you!

  128. Hello from Fort Knox, Hardin County, Kentucky. The Army brought my family here 25 years ago, when I was in high school and my father was stationed here. Over the years I have moved away and returned half a dozen times; never seeming to be able to shake my draw to this place.

    Roughly a month ago I began to understand my draw to here when I discovered that Squire Boone and Jane “Big Granny” VanCleve are my sixth great grandparents by way of their son Moses, and Moses‘ son Squire who later migrated to Boone County, Iowa.

    For decades we have been trying to trace my mothers ancestors, (my mother is from Iowa – born and raised), as her mother, Maxine Betts Nagle, passed away from breast cancer when my mother was a year old.

    It was a similar circumstance with my grandmothers, grandmother, Maria Seibers Cunningham, who died in her late twenties. Maria was a daughter of Hannah C. Boone Seibers. Hannah would have been the last of my direct ancestors to carry the Boone name and I believe it is highly probable that the family history and stories of her grandfather Judge Moses and explorer great-grandfather Squire died out with her. Though I believe I have seen accounting in census records of my great-grandmother Flossie Cunningham Betts, being in the care of Augustus and Hannah as a young child after Maria’s death.

    Needless to say, a whole new world has opened up since this discovery and I have been enthralled and in total awe and astonishment in the history and roots I never knew existed. Never in a million years did I believe I had any ties what-so-ever to Kentucky, but it turns out I have very deep roots here; farmland less than five miles from my house where Enoch Morgan Boone and family are buried on land that was his farm; land that was annexed by Fort Knox where I work for the Army as a civilian. I literally hit my knees when I found the cemetery less than a 1/4 mile from a road I routinely travel. The likewise is true as it pertains to my routine travels between my home and Saint Louis, driving through Meade County, across the bridge and passed the very road that takes you to Squire Boone’s final resting place.

    This has been such a powerful and impactful discovery. I am so incredibly happy to have found your site and hope to connect with other Boone ancestors.

    Best regards!
    Shannon Rickey

  129. I recently discovered I am blood related and also related by marriage to Daniel Boone. Elizabeth “Betsy” Boone is my 6th great grandma and Rebecca Bryan is a great aunt. My grandma was a Bryan. A lot of our family married the Boones!

  130. Daniel Boone is my 5th grgrandfather. I’m descended from:
    Nathan Boone/ Olive Van Bibber
    Mary Boone/ Alfred Hosman
    Mary Francis Hosman/ Robert Coats Prunty
    Mary Francis Prunty/ Charles Fredrick Heinzman
    Margaret Helen Heinzman/ Marcus Frederick Richardson
    Beverly Kay Richardson/ Greene Gibson, Jr.
    Donna Sue Gibson/ George Michael Byrd (Me & my husband)

    It gets a little confusing in there with all the Marys!!

  131. hannah boone is my 6great grandma.Im interested in finding out about her my dad always told us we were descendants of daniel boone

  132. Descended from Elizabeth Boone, Daniel’s sister, and William Grant. I also have Bryant’s too. Heavy genealogy in Kentucky. We will try to get to the reunion in Missouri, and the encampment in Kentucky in May. Exciting! I love the pin.

    1. Hi Wendy, we are prob related Elizabeth is also my great grandma through William grant and my grandma was a Bryan! Rebecca Bryan (Daniels wife) was a great aunt ?

  133. Hello from the Hawaii branch of the Boone family. We are from Daniel Boone himself. My father Boone Morrison participates in the annual Kentucky reenactment event that takes place early in May. My name is Janna Morrison. Our branch is quite small- currently 6 alive:

    Boone Morrison (74)
    Tyler Morrison (50)
    Benjamin Morrison (20)
    Janna Morrison (48)
    Alec Ibarra (24)
    Talia Morrison (18)

    1. Katherine- very delighted to meet you. I would love to know more about your branch of the family. My dad always said he thought I was similar to how they describe Jemima. He was surprised to find out about your existence! Do you know of other grandkids (living)

  134. I descend through some of the Byran’s in addition to the Boones. So it is really a rather unique situation! It is a family very wealthy in American history and hope to speak and see what this interesting group of relatives of mine can show me!

    1. Debbie (Bryan) Morris

      My grandmother was born in 1905 to the Bryan family, of Searcy County Arkansas that came over from Tennessee. I found her grandfathers obituary recently & discovered the Boone connection at family genealogy history center as well !
      Also discovered my 12x Great grandfather was Henry VIII!

      I am eager to go to Tennessee & Carolinas now.

  135. Hello Boone Society,

    I have a relationship through George Boone + Ann Linville (George Boone is Daniel Boone’s brother) and Ann Linville is George Boone’s wife. I’m going to do my best to show up at the Boone Society reunion in 2016 in Missouri. I’ve never been to Missouri and would like to see what that area is like.

  136. My branch from Daniel Boone to my grandparents is………. Daniel Boone Rebecca Bryan
    1734–1820 1739–1813
    6th great-grandfather 6th great-grandmother

    Nathan Boone Olive Van Bibber
    1781–1856 1783–1858
    5th great-grandfather 5th great-grandmother

    Susannah “Susan” Boone Joseph Irvine Van Bibber
    1806–1838 1797–1843
    4th great-grandmother 4th great-grandfather

    Letitia Van Bibber James C Maxwell
    1829–1899 1829–1904
    3rd great-grandmother 3rd great-grandfather

    Sarah Angeline (Annie) Maxwell Nelson A. Pope
    1863–1949 1856–1944
    2nd great-grandmother 2nd great-grandfather

    Benjamin Harrison Pope Mary Ann Hendrickson
    1888–1956 1884–1978
    great-grandfather great-grandmother

    Blanche Mae Pope Earnest Randell
    1907–1990 1903–1977
    paternal grandmother paternal grandfather

  137. from Jackson, Tenn. I am from George Boone and Deborah Howell. My Boone line is from the Independence and St. Joseph area of Missouri.

  138. This is the format of our new Guest Book. Please feel free to use it and hopefully others of our Boone family will be able to respond to queries to make our research more productive.

  139. from London England. Found your site while researching Charles Boone , Governor of Bombay and M P for Ludgershall , England. I am researching the history of a house in Surrey , England where he lived after his return from India. He was the brother of Joseph Boone of Mount Boone South Carolina.

  140. Teresa Ann Randell Morris

    this is my branch starting with Daniel Boone – Rebecca Bryan / gggggg grandma – grandpa
    Nathan Boone – Olive Van Bibber / ggggg grandma – grandpa
    Susannah Boone – Joseph Van Bibber / gggg grandma – grandpa
    Letitia Van Bibber – James Maxwell / ggg grandma – grandpa
    Sarah Maxwell – Nelson Pope / gg grandma – grandpa
    Benjamin Pope – Mary Hendrickson / great grandma – grandpa
    Blanche Pope – Earnest Randell / grandma – grandpa
    Earnest Randell – Lavona Snooks / dad – mom

  141. from Newport News. Squire Boone, Sr. was my 7th Great-Grandfather through George Boone. Discovering roots 1 day at a time.

  142. from Lorain, Ohio. Geo. Boone IIII is my 7x Ggrandfather. My 6x Ggrandfather is Samuel Maugridge Boone, the brother of Squire Boone Sr.; the father of Daniel and Squire Jr.

  143. from Jacksonville, FL . One of my Boone Grandparents was Samuel H Boone, son of Hiram C Boone Jr, Grandson of Col Hiram C Boone (Indiana Militia, War of 1812; resting on Sandy Farm, Battletown, KY), and Great Grandson of Samuel Boone, brother to Squire and Daniel Boone. Thank you,

  144. from Cypress, Tx. I can trace my line to Squire Boone through the Edwin L. Boone (adopted Blessing), great-great-grandson of Jean Daniel Boone, great-great-grandson of Jonathan Morgan Boone

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