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Hannah Boone & Richard Pennington Memorial Marker

A large memorial marker was placed and dedicated in honor of Hannah Boone, youngest sister of Daniel Boone, at Old Mulkey Meetinghouse State Historic Park, Tompkinsville, Kentucky on April 26, 2003. This was in connection with the first Monroe County Heritage Festival. The Boone Society, Inc. contributed toward the project and Ivan Lancaster, who is a member of the Board of Directors, brought greetings from the Society.

Over 100 people attended the Boone Family skit portrayed by descendants in the Meetinghouse and at the roadside dedication.

A “First Family” certificate was presented to Nell Truitt, on behalf of the Boone family, due to their early arrival in the area.

Hannah was buried near this place, and her gravestone is located inside the park, where it is a most photographed site.  She was born 24 August 1746 in Pennsylvania, and migrated with her parents, Squire and Sarah Morgan Boone to Rowan County, North Carolina. She first married John Stewart in 1765, and had four daughters, Sarah, Mary, Rachel and Elizabeth Stewart. After he was killed by Indians in Kentucky, she married 1777 Richard Pennington and four more children were born – Joshua, Daniel B., John Stewart and Abigail Pennington.

Richard served his country during the Revolutionary War at Capt. Enoch Osborn’s Fort in Virginia. The Penningtons migrated to the area of Mill Creek in lower Kentucky in 1798. Hannah died there on April 9, 1828. They worshipped at Old Mulkey Meetinghouse.


DESCENDANT J. NELL BECK TRUITT:  In remembering the past, we honor our Boone and Pennington ancestors who were pioneers of yesterday, who through the wilderness, undauntedly pushed their way westward, lived and placed their footprints in the soil of Barren County (now Monroe County) at Mill Creek , worshipped the Lord, and prepared the way for future generations. Whatever is kept in memory still endures, and is real.   To all who pause in this place, may this marker make effective the voice of the memorial.RESPONSE BY ALL: “Thou shalt not remove Thy neighbor’s landmark, which they of old time have set in thine inheritance, which Thou shalt inherit in the land that the Lord, Thy God giveth Thee to possess it.” Deut. 19:14

PRAYER BY DESCENDANT L. MAX BECK: We give Thee thanks, dear Heavenly Father, for the records of the past that give inspiration and courage to our generation.  We thank Thee for the lessons silently taught by memorials to events of distant years and to deeds of long ago. May we add our assurances to these, increasing their strength for generations yet to be born?  Amen

DEDICATION OF MEMORIAL MONUMENT:  We live as long as we are remembered.   On this 26th day of April 2003, descendants, family, and friends are gathered to dedicate this memorial marker in grateful recognition of the significance of this historical site to honor Hannah Boone Stewart Pennington and her husband Richard Pennington. In humbleness, they worshiped here between 1798 and 1828 and Hannah is buried near here.

EVERYONE: May the blessing of God rest upon and abide here forever.

DEDICATORY PRAYER:   Robert J. Beck, D.Min., 4th great-grandson

UNVEILING OF MEMORIAL MARKER: J. Nell Truitt, Carolyn Rankin Compton, Rexene Ashford Ornauer – 4th Great-Granddaughters, Committee


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Nell Truitt
The Boone Society, Inc.