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Boone Society

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Daniel Boone and the Defeat at Blue Licks, by Neal O. Hammon Currently Not Available
My Father, Daniel Boon /The Draper Interviews w/ Nathan Boone, by Neal O. Hammon
In the Footsteps of Daniel Boone, by Randell Jones
On the Trail of Daniel Boone-DVD Companion to the above, by Randell Jones
Daniel Boone – An American Life, by Michael A. Lofaro
The Life and Adventures of Daniel Boone, by Michael A. Lofaro
Daniel Boone/Master of the Wilderness, by John Bakeless
A Sketch of the Life and Character of Daniel Boone, by Ted Franklin Belue
Daniel Boone / The Opening of the Wilderness, by John Mason Brown
Advancing the Frontier / The Life and Death of Hezekiah Boone, by Donald B. Wigley
Squire Boone/The Incredible Adventures of Daniel Boone’s Kid Brother by W. Fred Conway
Frontiersman: Daniel Boone and the Making of America (Southern Biography Series) by Meredith Mason Brown
Olive Boone – Frontier Woman by: Greta Russell
Daniel Boone in Pennsylvania, by Paul A. Wallace (unknown if available)
Nathan Boone / The Neglected Hero, By Carole Bills (unknown if available)
Daniel Boone – A True, Brief History of Daniel Boone, by Rolla P. Andrae (unknown if available)

Boone Family Genealogy Sites

Clayton Genealogy Library, Houston, Texas
Davie County, NC Genealogy Library, Mocksville, NC Logan and VanBibber Families to the Boone
Filson Historical Library, Louisville, KY Logan and VanBibber Families to the Boone
The Genealogy Center at Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne, IN
The Willcockson Families
Information on a Boone line from the Driver Family Historical Society
The James Thomas Boone Line

Miscellaneous Web Sites

Scott New / Daniel Boone Re-enactor at Boonesborough
Fort Boonesborough State Park
Fort Boonesborough Living History
Morgan Log House
Nathan Boone Homesite
Boones Lick State Park
Randell Jones – The Footsteps of Daniel Boone Website In The Footsteps of Daniel Boone
Search for Boone’s on the Quaker website
Search for Boone’s at Cemetery Records Online Cemetery Transcription Library
Search for Boone Cemeteries by State at Cemetery Junction
Muzzleloader Magazine
Muzzleloader FaceBook
Native Sun Productions – Award winning Documentary and Film Productions
The Kenton Kin Association (Simon Kenton)
Researching History of House
An Essential Guide To Enjoying National Parks Responsibly