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Boone Society

Ken Kamper
Board of Directors
The Boone Society

During the past several years Ken’s vast storage of knowledge in the form of books and files and his “Research Papers” has been recognized by a number of individuals, to where they proposed a Daniel Boone History Museum and a Boone/Early American History Research Center, and his many other findings, such as three important but previously forgotten Boone trails, Boone family homes and home sites, and still remaining Boone places such as Daniel Boone’s 1000 Arpent (850 acre) Spanish Land Grant in Missouri.

Compared to some years ago, the information is now available through Ken’s research. Other persons are now becoming interested in making the important dream come true, where the general public will be able to see and appreciate the frontier part of our tremendous early American history. If all happens as hoped, this history will stimulate a reborn interest by students of all ages in the history that tells who we are and what our country is, and why.

Here is a list of Ken Kamper’s articles: