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Boone Society
Neal O. Hammo

Neal O. Hammon’s hobby of historical research has resulted in numerous magazine articles and several other books, including My Father, Daniel Boone in 1999, which he edited from Lyman C. Draper’s interviews with Boone’s son, Nathan.

Hammon is considered the expert in information on land claims in Kentucky. He has spent countless hours pouring over records and producing maps of the area covered by the land claims. His research now shows that Boone sold much of the land he originally claimed and surveyed and that he was not as destitute and in debt when he left for Missouri as the Nathan Boone accounts claim.

In addition to those books Hammon also wrote – Daniel Boone and the Battle of Blue Licks which was published by The Boone Society and also has a book about the letters of John Floyd.

A native of Louisiville, Hammon is a sixth-generation Kentuckian. His first Hammon ancestor in America moved to Virginia after the big London fire in 1666. Hammon was graduated from the University of Illinois with a BS in achitecture.