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Boone Society

Boone Trace

The Boone Trace is a tourism corridor from The Cumberland Gap to Fort Boonesborough, KY, 120 miles away. It follows the pathway that Daniel Boone blazed in 1775 to bring the first settlers in the wilderness destined to be Kentucky. The trace will never be a full walking trail….Read More


Educational Videos

The Boone Society posts educational videos that we have found helpful. If you have any videos that you would like to see posted, please contact us. ….Read More

Frontier Reenactment 2016

History comes alive during America’s Frontier History Expedition! From May 7-30th, 2016 a reenactment of settlers braving the wilderness to seek new opportunity west of the Allegheny Mountains will take place as men and women recreate a 280 mile 18th century….Read More

Helpful Links

Please help us accumulate as many Boone-related links as possible.….Read More


Historical Sites

The Boone Society have gathered helpful historical links about Daniel Boone.….Read More


Neal O. Hammon

His hobby of historical research has resulted in numerous magazine articles and several other books, including My Father, Daniel Boone in 1999, which he edited from Lyman C. Draper’s interviews with Boone’s son….Read More