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Boone Society
Robert Crum

Robert Alvin Crum
Direct Descendant of Daniel Boone
The Boone Society

Robert Alvin Crum is a direct descendant of Daniel Boone and Rebecca Bryan and their daughter Lavina. He’s a Board Member of The Boone Society, Inc. and a hereditary member of the Society of Boonesborough through eight of his ancestors. His Bachelor’s degree from Bradley University in Peoria, Illinois is in political science with a history concentration, and he studied law for two years at Cleveland-Marshall College of Law. In his early career, he worked for real estate and personal injury attorneys writing and conducting research. Later, he worked for large corporations in medical malpractice and marketing and then became a full-time visual artist and writer nineteen years ago.

After years of research about his Boone and Bryan ancestors in the colonial North Carolina backcountry, he began and continues the grant and award-winning project “Return to the Land of My Ancestors.” As part of this project, he completes and exhibits paintings, writes and is employed for speaking engagements. He resides in Burnsville in the mountain of North Carolina.

Recent articles he’s written that are published in the Boone Society’s Compass are: